Chapter 2—Welcome, organize, and invite your team

Tags: Skills

Chapter 2—Welcome, organize, and invite your team

Tags: Skills

Now that you've prepared your team to succeed, Chapter 2 helps you educate and organize your teams, set your team managers, and invite your learners to the Skills platform.

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Introduce your teams to Skills

Introducing your teams to Pluralsight Skills is an important step in setting them up for success. To help you, the email template below introduces plan users to Skills, sets expectations for usage, and explains why your company is investing in their skill development.

We recommend sharing this with all learners on your plan.

 Team introduction email template

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Organize your teams

Tip: Invite plan admins and team managers as soon as possible, so they can help you invite learners and organize teams.

Add more plan admins, create teams and team managers, and set permissions

Plan admins have full access to invite learners, team managers, and additional plan admins. They can also see all learners' analytics, which we'll cover in Chapter 4.

Plan admins can group learners into teams, and also set team managers. In general, team managers can see their team members' skill development through analytics. Team managers do not have access to the billing page or billing details.

The first thing we recommend doing is establishing a strategy around building your team. Here are a few common questions to ask yourself:

  • What should my team look like?
  • How many team managers should I have?
  • How many plan admins should I have?
  • How can I create a less friction between me and my team members’ skill development?

There are loads of benefits to answering these questions and creating a strategy around your team:

  • Removes management and team structure roadblocks down the road
  • Allows less learning friction for members of your team
  • Increases preparedness, engagement, and communication of the Skills platform

Tip: You don’t have to do it all. Add and assign multiple plan admins and team managers to help you manage your team and create better learning experiences.

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Set team manager permission levels

There are three levels of team manager permissions, explained below. The chosen permission level affects all team managers on your plan. You can also enable additional team manager settings to further customize what your team managers have access to.

View their teams
View analytics and reporting for users on their teams
Edit the team name for their teams 
Edit the email address and note for users on their teams, as well as the unassigned group 
Move users between their teams and the unassigned group 
Invite users to the plan by inviting the user to either the manager's team(s) or the unassigned group  
Remove users from the plan that are on their team or in the unassigned group  

 Video & steps: how to add plan admins (plan admins only)

 Video & steps: how to create and manage a team (plan admins and team managers with limited or full permissions)

 Video & steps: how to set team managers and their permissions (plan admins only)

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Invite learners to your team

Start sending invites to your learners and see when invitations are redeemed. Here's how to invite learners to your business plan.

 Invite learners video walkthrough

 Step-by-step instructions on inviting learners

 Common questions learners have about accepting invitations

For information about how to enable single sign-on (SSO) and inviting learners automatically using SSO, please contact Professional Services.

Make sure your learners are accepting invites

Make sure all your licenses have been assigned and are being used. See even more ways to engage learners in Chapter 5.

 Here’s how to monitor invites

 Email template to drive engagement if people aren't logging in to Pluralsight

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What's next

Now that your team's ready to start skilling up with Pluralsight, let's organize the content they'll need to succeed.

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If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.