Chapter 5: Encourage your team

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Chapter 5: Encourage your team

Make time for skills

Build a culture that supports skill development

A culture that supports skill development doesn't develop overnight, and it can't take root without buy-in. Remember Joel Crabb’s talk from Chapter 1? Think back to how your skills have developed. You can be there for your team members, too. 

Let your team know that they can learn during work hours. Don't set a required minimum of learning time -- give people guidance from Chapter 3 and praise people making progress. Encourage them to download the Pluralsight Skills mobile apps. Use what you learned in Chapter 4 about measuring learners' growth to recognize people who've been able to apply what they're learning. 

 Poster: Make the most of your time
 How to make time for learning: 3 tips for learners
 Use Q&A to allow learners and experts within your company share their knowledge (Enterprise only)

 Make sure you're skilling up, too

It's not enough to have smart, skilled people on your team -- you need to grow as well. Don't forget to make time for your own development. Plus, when your team sees you taking the time to develop yourself, they'll be inspired to learn, too.

 Keep up with our Executive Briefings channel. In this collection of courses, you'll find high-level intel to quickly enhance your knowledge of emerging tech topics like IoT, data science, blockchain and more.

 How to rewire your team to make time to learn

Drive continued engagement

We want your team building skills as fast as possible, but even the most active Pluralsight Skills users might not be taking advantage of some of our most important features.

Share these videos for a quick refresh on how experiences like channels, Role IQ and projects can save them time and help them grow their skills more efficiently.

 Hands-on learning: See how interactive courses and projects allow you to practice your skills in real-world environments. Shareable link
 Channels: Focus your learning on what matters and save time by curating content in channels. Shareable link
 Role IQ: Know what success looks like in your role and benchmark your expertise with Role IQ. Shareable link

 Host a lunch & learn to introduce Pluralsight Skills and share what you're learning
 Remind your team about Pluralsight

What's next

You're almost done! Finish strong with Chapter 6: Guide your own development on Pluralsight.

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