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Channels analytics lets you view the members of a specific company channel and their progress in that channel. Only Enterprise group plans can access advanced channel analytics.

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What you can do with advanced channels analytics

Channels analytics gives you a snapshot of your team members' channel usage for each channel. These snapshots help:

  • See all members' individual progress in a channel
  • See which members have completed a channel's courses
  • See when team members joined the channel

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Overview of advanced channels analytics

To get started, log in to your Pluralsight Skills account and click the Analytics link in the left panel navigation. Next, click the Channels link from the top center panel. Then, click a channel title.

Tip: You can also get to channels analytics from your Account Dashboard. Scroll down to the channels visualization, and click the Details link. Then, click a channel title.

Advanced channels analytics, available to Enterprise subscribers, gives you a deep view of your channel's followers and completion.

A. See the description (if applicable) and statistics for your channel at a glance, including total duration of the channel's courses, how many members the channel has, and the average completion.

B. See your channel's members. You can filter these members by typing a name in the search box on the right.

Note: Only members of the channel are shown in this view and in the report. Learners who watch courses on the channel don't appear in channels analytics unless they're channel members.

C. Click the arrow on the right of each member to display what specific content within the channel they've viewed, how much, and when.

D. The default display is all users on your plan. To filter to a specific team, click the All users drop-down menu and select a team.

E. Download a CSV report of raw data about this channel's members. We'll discuss this in the next section.

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Advanced channels analytics report

You can download a real-time CSV report that includes all active members of this channel. This advanced channels analytics report can help answer questions such as:

  • Within a channel path, what courses has each of my channel members viewed?
  • When did each of my channel members last watch each course, and did they complete it?
  • I want to streamline my channel. Do I have any courses in my channel that are also in a path in my channel, that I can remove?

Columns of data included in the advanced channels analytics report:

  • Member's first name, last name, and email address
  • Member's team (blank if not on a team)
  • Date added to channel
  • Last activity
  • Channel completion (percent)
  • Content type watched (such as course, path, or external link)
  • Content title
  • Course Title
  • Link type
  • Link URL
  • Content duration (in hours)
  • Date content last viewed
  • Content completion (percent)

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Common questions

Do external videos and articles with time durations get tracked in advanced channels analytics?

Advanced channel analytics and the CSV report show the time duration that the channel creator assigned to the video or article. For example, if the link has a duration of one hour, your channel member will be credited one hour when they click on the link.

At this time, we track if the member clicked the external link, but we don't track how much time they spent on that external resource. 

Users analytics will not be updated based on the external link time duration. That data is unique to channels analytics.

What do team managers see in channels analytics?

Team managers see the full list of channels in channels analytics. When a team manager clicks on a channel to view advanced channel analytics, they will see the learners on their team that are channel members, as well as their progress—even if they haven't watched any content.

If a team manager clicks on a channel that doesn't have any team members as channel members, the team manager will see the message, "It looks like none of your team members are in this channel."

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Next steps

Congratulations. You're now familiar with the advanced channels analytics view. You can keep learning about group analytics and reports, or access your account view in Pluralsight Skills.

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