What is the Google Reskilling India Program, and what can I learn?

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Google has launched the Google Reskilling India Program with Pluralsight to reach and help 2 million developers in India acquire sought-after technology skills and be more competitive in the global and local market.

Once signed up, developers in India are eligible to receive 60 days of free training on the Pluralsight platform. You can enroll today on our signup page

You can redeem the benefit for an extra 60 days if you need more time to complete the track -- and even try out other roles if you choose!

You’ve taken the first step in your journey to furthering your technology education -- congratulations! We’ll help you along the journey:


1. Redeem your Google India limited subscription access for one of four roles, and create an account. Click here to take those steps.


2. Get started on Pluralsight:
Watch channels we've built for you, and take a Skill IQ. Click here to see your channels.


3. Discover more ways to learn on Pluralsight, including using notes, paths, captions, faster or slower video speed, and transcripts. Click here to explore ways to learn.

Take learning with you.

Download courses onto your phone or laptop for learning on your schedule. Take Pluralsight with you and play courses offline. Click here to get the Pluralsight app.

1. Finish creating your account & redeem your benefit

First, choose your role and redeem your benefit on this page.

Note: If you have an active Pluralsight subscription, you already have access to these courses! Click here to explore channels we’ve built for you to continue your learning.

Then, you’ll receive an email asking you log in and create a password. If you don’t receive this email asking you to log in, please reach out to us at support@pluralsight.com.

Lastly, after you set your password, log into Pluralsight with your email address and password. Once you're logged in, you’ll see your courses homepage, which includes courses, paths and even more ways to learn.

Keep reading for more ways to explore content on Pluralsight.

Tip: If you used to have a Pluralsight subscription and it’s no longer active, first log in to your account, then visit this page to redeem your benefit. You’ll then be able to log in with the Google Reskilling India Program benefit.

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2. Get started on Pluralsight: Access custom channels for your role

While you have access to dozens of Pluralsight courses, we wanted to set you up for success by organizing the courses into one or more channels. You have access to even more courses than these channels contain, so use these as a starting point to explore your benefit.

Plus, for each benefit you can take a Skill IQ assessment to rate your skills, both before you start learning, and after you complete courses.

Learn: Android developer

For our Android developer role, we created a channel for you to begin your journey that you can join here.

This channel will give you a quick overview of programming, Git, Android development, user experience, and security.

Assess your skills:

Take the Google Android associate developer Skill IQ.

Learn: Cloud architect / Security

Our cloud architect role is concentrated around security. To start learning the security topics as it relates to cloud infrastructure, please click and join this channel.

This will provide you a guide to get started, or to continue your learning around, cloud infrastructure.

Did you know?

This coursework is an excellent way to prepare for the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification.

Learn: Data engineering

Our data engineering role has 4 channels that introduce you to different specialty areas within data engineering: 

All of our channels for each speciality area start with a free course, What is Programming?, an excellent introduction to programming and technology. 

Then, most of the channels dive into our Business Analysis path, then progressing to courses around the speciality.

Assess your skills

Take the Python Skill IQ and measure your learning.

Learn: Mobile web specialist

We created a mobile web specialist channel for you to begin your journey that you can join here. This channel will start you with a free course, What is Programming?, that's excellent for beginners and experienced programmers alike.

Then, we move into an overview of user experience design, training around Git, and then a primary development language, JavaScript.

Take these Skill IQ assessments:

Note: If you do not have access to the Google Reskilling India Program, you can still click the Channel links above to view the courses when you log in. However, your view access may be limited to just the course overview, instead of the full course.

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3. Discover more ways you can learn on Pluralsight

Learn using courses and paths

Pluralsight has several ways to organize the courses you’re working on.

A course can be part of a path , which is a collection of courses the Pluralsight curriculum has organized from just starting a technology or skill, to advanced use. There’s a Skill IQ assessment at the end of many paths. You can see a full list of all paths here. When you log into your Pluralsight account as a Google India developer redeemer, you’ll see paths at the top of your homepage. Still, you have even more courses available to you than just the courses in these paths! 

 Channels  are another way to organize courses. Anyone can create a channel on Pluralsight -- click here for more information on creating your own channel. Just for Google India developers, we’ve created one start-to-finish channel each for all the roles except Data engineering (which has four). See section 2 above, Getting started on Pluralsight, to find links to your specific channel. 

Again, each channel has many courses, but you’ll find your full course selection on Pluralsight. In the left pane navigation, you can always click the top Home icon to return to your Google India benefit homepage.

To continue your learning on Pluralsight, you can upgrade to a paid individual subscription. To gain access to interactive courses, projects, and Kaplan certification practice exams, please check out the individual Premium subscription on our pricing page.

Skill IQ tips

Have some experience already?

You can take your Skill IQ if you're somewhat experienced, then watch more content, and re-take the Skill IQ to measure your improvement.

Are you a complete beginner?

Save the Skill IQ for last if the technology or concepts are completely new to you. You'll find the Skill IQ assessment at the end of the path. You'll see how much you learned!

Notes, captions, and more tools to help you learn on Pluralsight

how to use the video player on Pluralsight

A: Do you need to rewind a little bit to catch a concept again? You can skip back or forward 10 seconds using these controls. 

B: You can take Notes at any time watching a video on Pluralsight (mobile apps not included at this time). Click the Notes link in the top right of the window, next to Table of Contents, to add a note. Our Notes feature supports Markdown! Click here for more tips on using notes to help you learn. You can also go to your All Notes page to view all notes you’ve taken on any course!  

C: Many of Pluralsight’s courses have captions, which you can enable in the bottom of the video player in the lower-right side, click the CC button and choose ON. In addition, Pluralsight uses Google Translate: in the CC menu, select a language other than English, and the captions will be automatically translated. 

D: Is the course author speaking too slowly? Or, are they talking too fast? You can change the video speed. At the bottom of the video player in the lower-right side, you can click the 1.0x button, then choose any speed from 0.5x (slowest) to 2.0x (fastest). 

To find course transcripts, visit the main course page and click Transcript, below the main course image

Many of the courses you have access to through the Google Reskilling India Program also have transcripts! You can search transcripts, click on a word to go to that point in the course, and even translate the transcript if you need to. To find the course transcript, go to the main course page (not the video player page), and click Transcript below the main course image.

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Now you're ready to get learning with the Google Reskilling India Program and Pluralsight. Just reach out to support@pluralsight.com if you have any further questions.