Grow with Google

Grow with Google has sponsored 10,000 developers in Africa to receive education from Pluralsight, supported by the Andela Learning Community.

Grow with Google and Andela [ALC 3.0]

Welcome to Pluralsight —
THE technology learning platform

Grow with Google has sponsored 10,000 developers in Africa to receive education from Pluralsight, supported by the Andela Learning Community.

Participants receive 4 months of access to Pluralsight, focused on one of two areas: Mobile Web Development or Android Development.

Log in to Pluralsight

To get started on Pluralsight, log in and explore your custom homepage

On your homepage, you’ll find a channel with a Skill IQ and courses to explore. Keep reading for tips on using Skill IQ and our courses to get the most out of your Pluralsight access.

Tip: Not sure what your password is? Click here to reset your password, and we’ll email you a link to finish resetting your password. Here’s more password reset help if you get stuck.


1. See where your skills stand today.
Measure your current proficiency by getting your Skill IQ.


2. Start learning:
Based on your Skill IQ, we’ll recommend courses to help you fill gaps in knowledge.
You'll also find hand-picked courses in the channel on your homepage.


3. Measure your improvement
Once you’ve watched the courses in your path level to unlock a retake, retake your Skill IQ to see how you’ve improved.

Take learning with you.

Download courses onto your phone or laptop for learning on your schedule. Take Pluralsight with you and play courses offline. Click here to get the Pluralsight app.

Skill IQ tips

What is Skill IQ? It’s a simple way to measure your skill in 5 minutes or less. Skill IQ is a time-based assessment that will rate you as a novice, proficient, or expert in a skill area. 

  • Did you make a mistake? You get one free Skill IQ do-over -- here’s how.

  • Taking a Skill IQ before taking Pluralsight courses, lets Pluralsight assess your current level of mastery. Plus, this lets you skip beginner courses if your skills are at the intermediate level or higher.

  • After you get your Skill IQ, Pluralsight will give you recommendations on what courses to take, to close your skill gaps. 

  • You can retake your Skill IQ after completing 60% of the content in the level of the path that Skill IQ has placed you in. Here’s more information about retaking Skill IQ.

  • Pluralsight will send you a certificate of achievement if you score expert or proficient on the JavaScript Skill IQ or the Google: Associate Android Developer (AAD) Skill IQ. This certificate is only available to Grow with Google learners.

Learning with Pluralsight paths and courses

Pluralsight experts create paths to guide you through learning skills, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Keep reading for tips on learning with paths and courses on Pluralsight.

Android icon

Learn: Android developMENT

Android development learners have access to the Google: Associate Android Developer path and the corresponding Google: Associate Android Developer Skill IQ 

This learning path will help you prepare for the performance-based Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam and provide you with a strong foundation in the skills necessary to work effectively as an Android developer.

We created an Android developer channel to organize your learning, that you can join here

JavaScript icon

Learn: Mobile web DEVELOPMENT

Mobile web development learners have access to the JavaScript path and the corresponding JavaScript Skill IQ.

JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web. This learning path includes JavaScript tutorials for both the new programmer looking to get started and the advanced web developer wanting to solidify and enhance their skills.

We created a mobile web developer channel to organize your learning, that you can join here.

Course learning tools and tips

Each Pluralsight video course details page has tools to help you succeed.

You can begin each course by clicking the orange Start Course button. Below that button, you’ll find some of these extra learning aids:

  • A clickable transcript of the course

    Note: While many Pluralsight courses have transcripts, some do not. We are adding transcripts to courses every week.

  • Exercise files to download. For some courses, this is a .PDF of the course slides; other course exercise files allow you to code along with the author.
  • A Discussion board that allows you to post questions and learn along with other learners
  • Some courses have learning checks that help gauge what you’ve learned from the course.

Tip: If you have a Windows or MacOS device, download our offline app so you can download courses for playing later.

On the video player, be sure to notice these features:

A: You can skip ahead or backward 10 seconds

B: You can take notes within the Pluralsight app. Use #tags to organize your notes and use markdown to format your notes--click here to learn how.

C: Most courses support closed captioning, or subtitles. If the course has closed captions, you can use our translation tool, also.

D: You can speed up or slow down the course playback

E: From the Settings cogwheel, you can adjust the video playback quality and also give us feedback on the course.

Frequently asked questions about the Grow with Google partnership with Andela and Pluralsight

Q: I signed up for one curriculum track, and now I want to change to the other track.

A: Sorry, no. Registration for this session is over and the benefit cannot be changed.

Q: My access to Pluralsight has expired, how can I get access again?

A: All learners have access for 4 months. If you’ve lost access to Pluralsight before the 4 month period ends, please reach out to so we can help restore your access. 

Q: I have more questions about using Pluralsight.

A: Please reach out to and we will help you.

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.