How can I re-measure my Skill IQ?

Taking a skill assessment gives you a Skill IQ. You can re-measure your Skill IQ in two ways. You can take a skill assessment do-over, or earn a skill assessment retake. Find information on both options below. 

Skill assessment do-over

A do-over gives you the opportunity to take a skill assessment again. Immediately after you complete a skill assessment, you’ll unlock a one-time do-over which only lasts for 48 hours. If you take a do-over and score lower, it’s ok - we remove that lower score and keep the higher score. 

To take a do-over, click Try Again from the Assessment Details page found by clicking a Skill IQ from your profile page

Skill assessment retake

A skill assessment retake is the opportunity for you to have your skill proficiency re-evaluated after developing more in a skill. It is a way of measuring improvement and tracking progress over time. 

Important: Unlike a do-over, a retake does not remove the lower score. The retake becomes the new score. However, you will get a do-over opportunity after any retake.

How can I unlock a skill assessment retake?

There are two methods of earning a skill assessment retake: path-based and time-based.

Method 1: Unlocking a path-based retake

This retake unlocks after you watch courses and complete 60% or more of a path level. Courses and modules viewed determine Path completion.

Note: If you are on a Premium individual subscription or a business plan, the path completion percentage includes interactive courses and projects.

Some skill assessments  don’t have an associated path. To unlock a retake for these skill assessments , please see Method 2: Unlocking a time-based retake.

To see how close you are to unlocking a path-based retake, click the path associated with your Skill IQ.

If your completion percentage for a level is 60% or more and you’re ready to retake, click the Measure Improvement link.

Method 2: Unlocking a time-based retake

Time-based skill assessment retakes unlock 45 days after any last skill assessment taken. This includes the initial assessment, do-overs, and retakes. Time-based retakes unlock for any skill assessment, whether it’s associated with a path or not. 

All time-based retakes and unfinished retakes display at the top of your All Skills page.

You cannot stop or reset a retake. Once you begin a retake, you must complete it or come back to it later on. 

Click the Finish button to complete any unfinished retakes.

Seeing your skill progress over time

To see how your Skill IQ has changed over time, visit your profile and click View IQ details on a Skill IQ and using the toggle in the top-right. This will only show skill assessment retake history and excludes do-overs.

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.