How can I re-measure my Skill IQ?

You can re-measure your Skill IQ in two ways. You can take a Skill IQ do-over, or earn a Skill IQ retake. Find information on both options below. 

Take a Skill IQ do-over

If you feel that the result of the skill assessment did not accurately represent your knowledge, you can take a do-over.

To take a do-over, click the one-time retake link shown on the left side of the screenshot below.

If you score worse with the do-over, you will keep your higher score.

Tip: You can do-over your Skill IQ once per measurement, so when you earn another Skill IQ retake, you will have another do-over as well.

If you're on a group plan, your plan admin or team manager won't see your lower score.

Earning a Skill IQ retake

How can I earn a Skill IQ retake?

Skill IQ retakes can only be taken on skills that are part of a path. You can earn a Skill IQ retake by completing 60% of the level of the Skill IQ path you are placed in.  

For example, if you initially scored beginner or Novice in JavaScript and were placed at the beginner (Novice) level, once you have completed 60% of the Beginner level of the JavaScript path, you will be able retake the skill assessment to see how your learning has progressed.

How can I see how close I am to a retake?

You can see how close you are to a retake by viewing the path. Above each group of courses, you'll see how many hours you've watched, your completion %, and a Measure Improvement tooltip.

How can I see how my score improved?

To see how your Skill IQ has changed after your retake, first, visit your profile.

Then, click a Skill IQ you've retaken. This takes you to your Assessment Details page. 

On that page, in the top right, click Skill IQ history to see your Skill IQ change over time. Hover over your first assessment to see your original Skill IQ score.

See your Skill IQ history on the Skill IQ assessment details page to see how your skills have improved over time.

Note: Interactive courses and Projects, which are only available to Premium or business plan members, do not count toward the 60% requirement to unlock a retake for a path with a Skill IQ.

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.