How does a learner accept an invitation to a business plan? What if they have a personal account already?

When a plan administrator or team manager invites a learner to a business plan, the learner receives an email invitation from The learner must click the link in this email. 

The next step they take will depend on if they have never created an account before (Scenario 1, below) or if they have an account with Pluralsight already (Scenario 2, below).

If you have a learner that already has a personal account with a personal email address, please please visit Scenario 3 for a step-by-step walkthrough. These steps are critical to make sure your learner’s viewing history, Skill IQ results, and channels will stay part of their account when joining your business plan.

Scenario 1: The learner creates a new account

If the email address to which the invitation was sent, does not exist in our system, your learner will be taken to this Sign up page to create an account, as shown below.

Tip: Now that your learner's account is tied to the business plan, please make sure they sign in through in the future. The Accept invite link in the email invitation is a one-time use link that will result in an error if used multiple times.

If you encounter an error, please see this article: I got the business plan invitation but it's not working or email us at

Scenario 2: The learner’s email address already exists

If the email address to which the invitation was sent, already exists in our system, they'll be directed to this Sign in page, shown below. This may happen if your learner was on your business plan before, but was removed.

The learner should sign in with their existing login information, which will tie their account to the business plan.

If your learner encounters an error, please see this article: I got the business plan invitation but it's not working, or email us at

Scenario 3: The learner is a personal Pluralsight subscriber already

Question: What if my learner already had a personal subscription to Pluralsight on their personal email address? Should I still send them an invitation using their business email address?

Great question! Sometimes a learner has already had a personal Pluralsight subscription in the past, whether paid or through a partnership.

1. Send the invite to the learner's business email address. When the learner clicks the link to Accept Invite (or in emails sent to plan admins or team managers, click Get Started), this will take them to a sign in page.

2. Instead of using the business email address, your learner must log into Pluralsight with the personal subscription login information. The individual account will automatically update with the company email address, combining the personal account with the business plan subscription.

Important: It’s not possible to merge Pluralsight accounts. This means that if your learner accepts the invitation and creates a new account, we’re unable to merge their viewing history of their personal account, with their new account on your business plan. Please reach out to if you have a learner with two accounts.

Going forward, the business email address that was used to invite the learner, will be the learner's primary email address. The personal email address will become the learner's secondary email address. All other linked emails on the learner's account can also be used to log in.

Tip: If you or your learner need help with this, please reach out to before sending and accepting the business plan invitation.