How do I invite and add new users to my account?

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After receiving an invitation to join your organization’s Flow account, follow the steps below to create your account and log in for the first time. Then, invite additional users into your Flow account.

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Joining your Flow account

After receiving the Flow invite email, click Accept Invite.

Then you’ll arrive at this page where you can Sign in or Create your account

If you already have a Pluralsight account, please Sign in with your existing credentials.

If your existing Pluralsight account has a different primary email address than the email address for your Flow invitation, you should still sign in using your existing credentials.

If you’ve never had an account at Pluralsight, please enter your information in the fields provided and agree to the Terms of use and Privacy notice. Then click Create my account

Note: Flow no longer supports OAuth login via BitBucket or GitHub.

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How to invite users

You can invite anyone to share access to your Flow reports if you have the Manage users and teams permission.

  1. Starting on your Flow home page, go to the top navigation bar and click Settings. Using the left navigation under User Management, click Users.
  2. You can see the current list of users that have logins in two different ways:

    A. Sort the user list by the "Has Login" column.

    B. Use the advanced filters to filter your user list to users that have a login or that have been invited already.

  3. To invite one or multiple Users to your account click the Invite Users button on the top right.
  4. A modal will appear were you will need to input the email addresses of the user/users. You will also need to determine what they will have access to and their view rights.

    • Role
    • Report Access
    • Management Access
    • API Access
    • Team & Individual Contributor View Rights
  5. Click the Send button. You have successfully sent an Invite to the new users.

  6. The invited users will show as "Invited" under the Has login column, until they accept the invitation.
  7. If you need to resend or delete the invitation you can do this by clicking on the user, and either click "resend" or "delete" on the User details page, as seen below. On this page you can also adjust the user's access and team membership.

    You can also resend Invites from the Users page. Use the advanced filters to show you only users that still have pending invites then use the drop down menu to resend the Invitations.

  8. Once the invitation is accepted the invitee becomes a user and can login to your organization's Flow account.

Curious about user roles, permissions, and viewing rights?  We have the Help Doc for you! Visit setting up roles for user permissions for more information.

Deactivate a user's login/account

If you need to deactivate or remove a user's access to your Flow account, you can do so on the User detailspage. Toggle their login email from "enabled" to "disabled". This will restrict the User from logging into your account again.

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