How do I invite someone to a business plan?

Only plan administrators and team managers can add learners to business plans. To add a learner to your business plan, please choose from the following two methods.

Method 1: automatically send emails through Pluralsight

  1. Click the Organization link in the left pane navigation.
  2. Click the Invite user button.
  3. Enter the desired email addresses, or copy and paste them from another document.
  4. Select the desired team (optional) from the team drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Send licenses button.

Method 2: generate a URL to include in your personally-written emails

  1. Click the Organization link in the left pane navigation.
  2. Click the Invite user button.
  3. Click the Share a link instead? link.
  4. Type the desired domain in the Domain field.
  5. Copy and paste the link into your email message.

Tip: You cannot enter a note when inviting learners. Notes can be entered for a learner after the invitation is sent. 

Existing learners

If the email address to which the invitation was sent already exists in our system, they'll be directed to this Sign In page. This may happen if your learner was on your business plan before, but was removed. The learner can sign in with their existing login information, which will tie their account to the business plan. If your learner is on a personal subscription or a partnership benefit, such as Visual Studio, please see this guide

If you have any issues or questions with adding a new learner, please see our troubleshooting guide for common scenarios and solutions. You can also contact us directly at

Monitoring pending invites

To see who has left or joined the group plan, see the Logs tab. The Logs tab contains information about license redemption, plan renewals, and team creation. You can also see a list of learners and invitations that have been sent by clicking the Download Users button on the Organization page. 

To cancel or resend pending invites, visit the Organization page. The Organization page also lets you organize your learners into teams and create team managers.

Note: When you reinvite a learner, the learner's previous invitations are invalidated and the 45-day invite expiration period starts over.

If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.