How do I change my payment method?

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To add a payment method to your account:

  1. Go to your Subscription & Billing tab on your Account page
  2. Click Manage your subscription
  3. Click Add payment method

If you subscribed through iTunes, please see How do I manage a subscription purchased through iTunes? 

If you subscribed through Amazon, please see How do I manage a subscription purchased through Amazon?

To remove a payment method from your account:

In order to remove a credit card from your account, you must have at least one credit card remaining on file. So, if you want to change the default card, you can add your new card and remove the old one. If you need help removing your card, feel free to reach out to for additional help.

Q: Why was my new payment information automatically updated?

Great question! Pluralsight uses a payment updater service whenever your card is reissued. This service is provided by many major credit card companies such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. 

The purpose of this updater service is to save you time. Instead of remembering to manually update your payment information with us, it is automatically updated so your card doesn't get declined and you don't lose access to Pluralsight Skills content.

Important: We can only update the credit card information if there was a reissue of the same card or an updated expiration date. We cannot and would not update any cards not affiliated with the card entered in our system.

To learn more about how we handle card reissues, check out section 4 of our Terms of Use.

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