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This guide details how to connect your CA Agile Central account, also known as a Rally account, to Flow. Rally integrations work with the Work Log report to simultaneously display commit, PR, and Rally ticket data.

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Important: Use a service account to create this integration. Learn more about creating a service account.

How do I connect with Rally?

  1. Click Settings in Flow's top navigation bar.
  2. In the left navigation under Integrations, click Integrations.
  3. Click Add Integration in the top right corner of the integrations page.
  4. On the following page select CA Agile Central from the Integration Provider list.
  5. Choose how you want Flow to connect to Rally. You can connect using a username and password or using an access token.
    • Username/Password - Input your Rally credentials and click Test connection. If the connection is successful, a success message appears. If the connection is not successful, verify your Client ID, Client Secret, Base URL, and the callback URL you provided when creating the OAuth application in GitLab.
    • Access Token - On the Access Token tab input your access token and click Test connection. For more information on where to create an access token in Rally, see CA Technologies’ support document, How to create an API key (external site, opens in new tab). If the connection is successful, a success message appears. If you receive an Invalid credentials error message, verify your access token and try again.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Ensure the ticket service is toggled on and click Next.
  8. Name your integration to identify the account you connected with. Click Create
  9. You have successfully created a new CA Agile Central integration.
  10. Begin importing the projects you want to track in your reports by toggling the Import button to on for each project in the Tickets tab of your integration. By default all projects are set to import off.

In addition to importing your projects here, you can:

  • Auto import all projects auto imports all projects and continues to import new projects.
  • Pause all imports keeps new data from being imported. It does not remove existing data. To pause all imports, toggle the Auto-import all projects off.
  • Refresh all projects refreshes all ticket projects and discovers any new projects not already displayed in your Project list.
  • Enable or disable ticket services removes all data associated with the integration. To disable ticket services, toggle ticket services to off in the Services tab. To enable ticket services, toggle ticket services to on.

To manage your imported Rally projects:

  1. Click Settings in the top navigation of Flow.
  2. Click Ticket projects under Integrations.

To learn more about managing your projects, see Managing ticket projects. To learn more about managing your new Integration settings, see Manage integrations.

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