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Welcome to Pluralsight. You've purchased a Skills subscription, or you were invited to your team's plan. Now what? Let's set up your account, find the content you need, and get started.

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Get to know Skills

Pluralsight Skills is the technology skills platform that allows you to measure and evolve the skills you need now. You’ll discover which skills you need to succeed, where your skill gaps exist, and what you need to work on to reach role mastery.

Pluralsight’s authors are subject-matter experts and industry thought leaders in fields such as cloud, security, IT ops, data, mobile, and more. Their expertise drives a robust and ever-growing library of skill assessments, video courses, interactive courses, cloud labs, and hands-on projects to help you skill up in the technologies that matter to you—and your career.

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Accept your invite and set up your account

Let's connect. Whether you purchased an individual subscription or your organization added you to their business plan, you’ll get an email invite from Pluralsight. Didn't get one? Check your spam folder and be sure to adjust your filter to accept future emails from

Click the Accept Invite link on your email to accept your invite and set up your account.

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Take your first course

For your first taste of the Skills platform, try out the Pluralsight learner: Getting started course. The course only takes a few minutes and it gives you a guided tour of some of the most useful features in Skills.

Here are a few helpful features you can use to get around on the Skills video player:

  1. You can skip ahead or backward 10 seconds at a time.
  2. Most courses support closed captions (subtitles).
  3. You can speed up or slow down the course playback.
  4. From the Settings cogwheel, you can adjust the video playback quality, translate captions into a different language, and also give feedback on the course.

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Assess your skills and dive in

Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering where to go next? No worries. Skills has many tools to help you find what will be most valuable to you and jump in.

Start out by taking a skill assessment to receive your Skill IQ. This measures your current skill level based on others in your field. Skill assessments are around 20 questions and can be completed in as little as five minutes. There are hundreds to choose from and they include the most current and relevant technologies in use today.

From there you’ll receive personalized recommendations on courses, channels, and more to help you address your skill gaps and level up. You can periodically retake skill assessments to see the progress you’ve made toward your goals. On a business plan? Don’t worry—plan admins and managers can’t see individual Skill IQ scores.

Want more ways to find the content you need? You can use the search box at the top of the platform to find content on a specific technology. You can also browse the courses available on Skills, or explore the hundreds of paths built into the platform. Paths are curated groups of courses aligned to help you deepen your understanding of a skill, and each includes a skill assessment to get you started.

Still wondering where to start? Our Upgrading your technology career path is a great way to get going.

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Take the platform with you—anywhere

Hoping to use your commute to skill up in C#? Disappointed with the in-flight movie list for next week’s trip to Taipei? Panicking that your significant other won’t let you bring your personal hotspot to the beaches of Bali? Relax. We’ve got you covered.

All paid subscriptions can download courses for offline viewing. Supported devices include Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. You can find our mobile app links and our offline player on our Downloads page.

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What's next

Now that you've got the basics under your belt, let's look at ways you can leverage Skills to help you reach your goals and set yourself up to succeed.

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If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.