How do I link my commits to my Git host(s)?

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Based on how your repositories are connected to your Flow account, Flow will handle your commit links differently. 

  • OAuth: If your repositories are connected via OAuth, we automatically link your commits to your Git host. 
  • Firewall/SSH/HTTPS: If you are behind a firewall or connected to Flow via SSH or HTTPS, follow the steps below to setup your links.
TIP: If you have connected your repos across multiple hosts you will have to follow the steps below for each of your hosts that require you to setup your commit links.

Connecting Your Commits Links

Step 1: Go to the Work log report and click on any one of your commits. Click View commit. 

 If we aren't able to link to your commits you will be prompted with the modal below:

Step 2: Proceed to an individual commit in your Git host and locate the URL for the commit (the URL will end with a commit ID or SHA). Use the same format you see in the URL in the modal below. Below are some common host tags: 

  • {host}
  • {sha}
  • {repo}
  • {owner}

Step 3: Once you have made a successful URL template click Yes, it did! This will save these settings so you can easily access your commits directly from Flow.

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