How do I remove a learner from a Pluralsight Skills group plan?

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To remove learners from your Pluralsight Skills group plan:

  • Click the People link in the left pane navigation menu.
  • Find the learner's name and mark the checkbox.
  • Click the Remove user link.

A learner who is removed from the group plan still has access to their account, but not the group plan subscription. The learner can access their course transcript and history since it is part of their account and not contingent on the subscription. A learner's account will remain tied to the group plan's subscription until a plan administrator removes it, or until the learner asks Pluralsight Support to remove it.

Learners can buy an individual subscription and continue learning with their account. However, they cannot buy an individual subscription if their account is still tied to a group plan, even if that group plan has expired.

Some analytics show learner data from before the learner joined the plan, or even after the learner leaves the plan. Learn more about learner analytics.

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