How do I revoke a license or remove an administrator?

Remove license

As a plan administrator, you can revoke subscription licenses from team managers and other plan administrators. To revoke a license:

  1. Click the People link in the left pane navigation menu.
  2. Click the Admins tab.
  3. Find the name of the plan administrator by browsing the list of users or using the Search field.
  4. Click the License toggle button in the license column.

Note: By default, plan administrators and team managers do not have subscription licenses. Unless they were active license holders on the group plan before they were granted administrator/team manager roles, you'll have to assign them a license to access the Pluralsight Skills course library. 

Remove user from group plan

To remove other plan administrators and from your group plan:

  1. Click the People link in the left pane navigation.
  2. Click the Admins tab.
  3. Click the X icon in the remove column.

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