How do I take a Skill IQ?

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You can get a Skill IQ without a Pluralsight subscription—all you need is a free account If you're a plan admin on a group plan, you can take skill assessment without a license. For group plans, it's not possible to assign skill assessments to users on your group plan. However, you can share the link to the path page associated with the Skill IQ.

You can discover all Skill IQs here. Alternatively, you can locate Skill IQs from the Paths page, and look for the label Get your Skill IQ. Pluralsight Skills' paths are designed to prepare you for the Skill IQ in that subject.

Who can use this?

Team Managers:    
Plan Admins:    

To take a Skill IQ from within a path, click on the orange Check now button as shown below.

Important: Skill IQ is only available on a web browser. You can't take a Skill IQ from Pluralsight's mobile or offline apps at this time.

Note: Some paths may be associated with a certification exam, rather than a Skill IQ. That's because skill paths are focused on learning from a specific skill, and certification paths are focused on helping you prepare for a certification exam.

After you take a Skill IQ, you can review or give feedback on the assessment questions. To do so, click on a completed Skill IQ from your profile page. Then click on Review your questions. 

Already taken a Skill IQ and want to re-measure? Check out our article on re-measuring your Skill IQ to learn more.

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