How do I take a Skill IQ?

Taking a Skill IQ

You can locate Skill IQs from the Paths page, and look for the label Get your Skill IQ. You can view Skill IQs from the paths page because Pluralsight's paths are designed to prepare you for the Skill IQ in that subject. 

Alternatively, you can also discover all Skill IQs here

Tip: You can take a Skill IQ without a Pluralsight subscription -- all you need is a free account! Also, If you're a plan admin on a group plan, you can take Skill IQ assessments without a license.

Tip: Skill IQ is only available on a web browser. You can't take a Skill IQ from Pluralsight's mobile or offline apps at this time.

Note: Some paths may be associated with a certification exam, rather than a Skill IQ. That's because skill paths are focused on learning from a specific skill, and certification paths are focused on helping you prepare for a certification exam.

To take a Skill IQ from within a path, click on the orange Check now button on the right side of the screen.

Want to know more about Skill IQ? Click here to read, What is Skill IQ.

I'm a plan administrator, can I assign a Skill IQ to learners?

It's not possible to assign skill measurements to users on your group plan. However, you can share the link to the path page associated with the Skill IQ.

How can I re-measure my Skill IQ?

You can always leave feedback on a Skill IQ assessment if you find an error. If you'd like to give feedback or make a recommendation for a particular skill path, feel free to check out our article on giving path suggestions and feedback.

Take a Skill IQ do-over

If you feel that the result of the Skill IQ assessment did not accurately represent your knowledge, you can take a Skill IQ do-over.

To take the do-over, you will simply click the one-time retake link on the Results Summary, shown below along the left side of the screenshot. 

Please note, you can do this once per measurement, so when you earn another attempt to assess your skill, you will have another do-over as well. Also, if you score worse with the do-over, you will keep your higher score.

If you're on a group plan, your plan admin or team manager won't see your lower score.

Earning a Skill IQ retake

You can earn a Skill IQ retake by completing 60% of the path section you are placed in.  

For example, if you initially scored beginner and were placed at the beginner (Novice) level, once you have completed 60% of the beginner section, you will be able retake the skill assessment to see how your learning has progressed.

You can see how close you are to a retake by viewing the path. Above each group of courses, you'll see how many hours you've watched, your completion %, and a Measure Improvement tooltip.

Note: Interactive courses and Projects, which are only available to group plan members, do not count toward the 60% requirement to unlock a retake for a path with a Skill IQ.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to

How do I share my Skill IQ, who can see my Skill IQ, and can I see others' Skill IQs?

When you see a Skill IQ rating from Pluralsight, it means that the individual has third-party verification of their skills and they have done more than just complete a course on Pluralsight. They have a scientific measurement of their skill that can be quantified.

Additionally, if you use Pluralsight on a group plan, your plan administrator will not be able to see your specific Skill IQ score. However, your plan administrator and team manager can your proficiency level (Novice, Proficient, Expert), and the average Skill IQ and proficiency level for a particular skill within the team, provided that a minimum five individuals on a team have taken a Skill IQ, and a minimum of five Skill IQs have been taken on the group plan. 

For example, your plan administrator can see that you are Proficient in Angular and the team average is Novice, with a score of 60. However, they cannot see your exact score, for example, 145.

You can only see your own Skill IQ, not other professionals who've taken Skill IQ, unless they decide to share it. 

Here's how to share a Skill IQ. You can use the following sites to share it on:

Sharing options can be found on the right-hand side of the Skill Assessment page in your profile (example below):


Sharing your Skill IQ on Stack Overflow

As a learner on Pluralsight, you can share your Skill IQ on Stack Overflow. You can prove you know your stuff and show your skill level on your Stack Overflow Developer Story, which is designed to help you find employment opportunities and show off your skills.

You’ll need both a Pluralsight account and a Stack Overflow account to get started. If you don’t have those, scroll down to #2 or #3 in this tutorial.

1. I have a Pluralsight account and a Stack Overflow account with a dev story already.

Log in to Pluralsight and Stack Overflow in different tabs. Then, simply go to your Pluralsight Profile page, click the Skill IQ you want to share, then click the Stack Overflow icon on your Skill Assessment page. 


This automatically shares your Skill IQ to your Dev Story. Add any tags, and save

Note: You can't change tags or the assessment date after you click Save. If you need to change tags, go to the Gear icon in the top right and delete the Skill IQ, then re-add your Skill IQ to change any tags necessary.

Now your Skill IQ shows on your Dev Story.

2. I have a Pluralsight account, but not a Stack Overflow account or Developer Story.

Head over to Stack, and create an account.

Note: If you choose the email and password login option, you'll need to click the link in your email to activate your account.

Then, click on Developer Story in the top left navigation. 

Fill out your Developer Story with the following details: your name; at least 2 skills you're interested in; location; your current employer, what technologies you use at your employer, and your responsibilities (75 characters). On the next box, you'll add more skills you're interested in. This completes setting up your Developer Story.

Note: You must fill out all the information in the Developer Story dialog boxes to create your Developer Story.

Then, scroll up to #1 on this page and continue sharing your Skill IQ.

3. I don't have a Pluralsight account.

Click here to see subjects you can take a skill assessment in, to share on your Stack Overflow Developer Story. Create a Pluralsight account and start taking a Skill IQ assessment.

When you’ve got your Skill IQ, scroll up to #1 on this page to share your Skill IQ on Stack Overflow.

Sharing your Skill IQ on Twitter

Note: In order to share your Skill IQ on Twitter you must have a Twitter account.

  1. Find your Skill IQ.
  2. Click on the Twitter icon.
  3. A popup will ask for you to log in to your Twitter account and the Tweet of your score.
  4. Add in your login credentials and click Log in and Tweet.
  5. Success - You have shared your Skill IQ on Twitter!

Sharing your Skill IQ on LinkedIn

Note: In order to share your Skill IQ on LinkedIn you must have a LinkedIn account.

  1. Find your Skill IQ.
  2. Click on the LinkedIn icon.
  3. A popup will ask for you to login to your LinkedIn account.
  4. Add your login credentials for LinkedIn and click Log In.
  5. You must select to Share and update (this is shared to everyone) and/or Send to individuals (shared to the individual(s) you wish).
  6. Click Share.
  7. Success - You have shared your Skill IQ on LinkedIn!

If you don't want to share using these methods, you can always make your Pluralsight profile public. This can be done by editing your profile settings.