Downloading and viewing courses in the Windows and macOS apps

With an active subscription, you can download up to 30 courses per device for offline viewing on the macOS or Windows offline app. The number of courses you are able to download depends on the space your device has available for downloads. If you’re on a group plan, make sure you’ve been assigned a license so you can download courses.

Searching and Downloading Courses

A search pane should show on the left side of the app after login.  If this pane is not visible, click the symbol in the top left corner of the app to unhide the search. Enter the search term and a list of courses will show below the search bar. The results can be sorted by relevance, release date, popularity, rating, and alphabetically using the "Sort by" option.

To download a course, click on that course in the search results. A window with the course details will show, and you can select Download course to begin the download.

The window also offers a View more on option to view that course on the web. The redirect to will only work if the device has an active internet connection. If there is no connection the app will attempt to open the page in the browser, but the browser will display an error message because the device is not connected to the internet.

Viewing Downloaded Courses

Downloaded courses can be viewed by selecting the play button on the tile.  

The player in the offline app has the same functionality as the player on the web. The options to enable closed captions, change playback speed, volume, and skipping back or forward in 10-second intervals are all accessible once the course playback has started.

On the Windows app, the auto-play feature can be toggled on and off by going to "File" and choosing "Preferences". Auto-play can be toggled between "Entire course" or "Entire module", or can be turned off completely by selecting "Stop after each clip".

Auto-play is enabled by default in the macOS app, and this setting cannot be changed at this time.

The macOS offline app does offer the option to "Float on Top". This forces the player window to stay on top of all other windows. This feature is accessible by selecting the "View" option from the menu bar once playback has started. The "View" option list also shows the ability to toggle full-screen playback.

Closed Captions

Courses which already have a transcript on the web when they are downloaded will allow closed captions to be toggled on and off during playback.

If the transcript is added to a course after it has been downloaded in the app, it will need to be removed and re-downloaded to pull down the transcript.

Removing Downloaded Courses

The option to remove a course from the Windows offline player is found by right-clicking the course tile in the home screen of the app. The "Remove course" option will remove the selected course from the machine. Right-clicking the course tile will also show the option to "View course details".  Selecting "View course details" will attempt to open the table of contents page for the selected course on the web if there is an active internet connection. 

The option to remove one or all courses from the macOS offline player is found under the "Course" option in the menu bar. In order to view these options, a course tile must be highlighted within the player. Selecting "View course details" will attempt to open the table of contents page for the selected course on the web if there is an active internet connection. 

The "Remove course" option will remove the selected course from the machine, and the "Remove all courses" option will remove all downloaded courses.  A prompt to confirm the removal of all downloaded content will show when the "Remove all courses" option is chosen.

Note: On the Windows app, logging out will automatically remove all downloaded courses.  In order to keep the downloaded courses in the offline player, please avoid logging out.

Questions about offline apps

Q: How do I sync my offline progress from the Windows or macOS app?

A: If downloaded courses are viewed within the app while the device has an internet connection, progress will be synced with the web almost immediately. These courses will show in the "Recently Viewed" section on the user dashboard.

When downloaded courses are viewed when the device has no internet connection, the app must be re-opened when there is an active internet connection to sync the offline progress with the web.

Q: Can I organize downloaded courses in the macOS app?

A: Downloaded courses can be sorted in a number of ways. To access this feature, select the "View" option from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Courses can be sorted by download date, release date, recently viewed, title, skill level, and overall course progress.