Downloading and viewing courses in the Windows and macOS offline player

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With an active Pluralsight Skills subscription, you can download up to 30 courses per device for offline viewing on the macOS or Windows offline player. The number of courses you are able to download depends on the space available on your device for downloads. Check out our downloads page to download the macOS of Windows offline player.

Who can use this?


Before you begin downloading and viewing a courses using the offline player, please ensure the following:

  • You have an active Skills subscription or license (for group plans).
  • You are updated to the latest version of the offline player.
  • You are signed into the Pluralsight offline player.
  • You have an active and stable internet connection.
  • You have enough space on your device to download the course. The download limit is up to 30 courses per device.

Downloading courses using the offline player

To find a course to download, use the search pane within the offline player. If the pane is not visible, click the magnifying glass icon in the top-left corner of the offline player to show the search.

Enter a search term to see a list of courses. Use the Sort by option to sort your results by relevance, newest, or rating.

Click the course you'd like to download, then click Download course to begin the download. 

Tip: For Windows offline player only. The Windows offline player allows for changing your download location. In the menu bar, select File then Preferences to open a dialog box. Select Download location and choose the directory where you'd like the course to download.

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Downloading courses from your browser to the offline player

Important: You must be logged into to download from your browser.

Once you've found a course to download on Skills, on the course page, click the Download course option under the course description. This will begin the process of downloading to your offline player.

Download course link on the course page

You may receive a notification to allow Pluralsight to open the offline player. If so, click Open Pluralsight. Then, click Download to continue.

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Viewing downloaded courses

View downloaded courses by selecting the play button on the course tile.

The offline player has the same functionality as the player on the web. This includes closed captions where available, playback speed and volume adjustment, and 10-second back or forward interval skips.

Note: We are adding transcripts to courses weekly, but they don't download automatically. If a transcript is published after you've downloaded a course, remove the course and re-download to view the transcript.

Additional viewing features (Windows)

The windows offline player allows toggling of auto-play. From the menu bar, select File then Preferences.

Toggle auto-play between Entire course or Entire module, or turn it off completely by clicking Stop after each clip.

Additional viewing features (macOS)

The macOS offline player offers an option to Float on Top. This forces the player window to stay on top of all other windows. From the menu bar, click View once playback has started.

Note: Auto-play is enabled by default in the macOS offline player and cannot be changed at this time

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Organizing, syncing progress, and removing courses from the offline player


Downloaded courses are sorted by clicking View from the menu bar. Sort by download date, release date, recently viewed, title, skill level, and overall course progress.

Syncing your offline progress

If downloaded courses are viewed within the offline player while the device has an internet connection, progress will be synced with the web almost immediately. These courses will show in the Recently Viewed section of your user dashboard.

If downloaded courses are viewed when the device has no internet connection, the offline player must be reopened when there is an active internet connection to sync the offline progress with the web.

Removing courses (Windows)

To remove a course from the Windows offline player, right-click the course tile in the home screen of the offline player and click Remove course.

Important: Logging out of the Window offline player will automatically remove all downloaded courses. In order to keep your downloaded courses, please avoid logging out.

Removing courses (macOS)

To remove one of all courses from the macOS offline player, click the course tile and go to Course and choose an option in the menu bar.

The Remove course option removed the selected course from your machine. You can shift-click to select multiple courses and remove them at the same time. The Remove all courses option removes all downloaded courses. 

You will receive a confirmation prompt to finalize the removal of any downloaded content.

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Solutions to common download and viewing issues

Having trouble downloading or viewing courses using the offline player? Find help with common issues below:

I am receiving an "unable to download course" message

  1. Verify the you have an active and current Skills subscription.
  2. Verify you have enough space and are not over the 30 course limit on your device.
  3. Verify that you are updated to the latest version of the Windows and macOS offline player.

The course I'm trying to download is not downloading. It keeps showing "Queued for download"

  1. Verify that you are updated to the latest version of the Windows or macOS offline player.
  2. Verify that you are on a stable and active internet connection.
  3. Stop then resume the course download.

I'm watching a downloaded course on the offline player but there is no audio

  1. Verify that audio is enabled on your device.
  2. Verify that the video is not muted in the offline player.
  3. If you're using a headset, ensure that your machine is outputting to that headset.

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If you need help, please email for 24/7 assistance.