How does Flow handle deleted branches?

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Flow looks to Git for the record of truth for your commit data.

Since Git offers a lot of flexibility and the history can be re-written, in some cases this may cause some discrepancies between what you see in your Git host (i.e. GitHub) and what you see in Flow.

Let's look at a few common examples:

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Commits are merged into master and the branch is deleted

Most often, an engineer works on a feature branch and merges their changes into a stable branch. Once the work is merged into the stable branch, the feature branch is deleted.

The orange and gray circles indicate commits that will show up in Flow reports on any given day. Commit A will show up in Flow calculations and reports only once, regardless of which branch it belongs to:

Commits aren't merged and the branch is deleted

Sometimes an engineer is experimenting on a new feature or their work on a feature branch never makes it to master. In this case, if the feature branch is deleted before merging to master, the commits are deleted too.

In the example below, after the feature branch is deleted, Flow will no longer include Commit A in any of the reports.

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