How does the feedback work in the Snapshot report?

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The Snapshot report provides a summary of an individual developer's work patterns for a period of time. For more about how the quadrants work, review what do the different quadrants mean in the Snapshot report?.

The report also gives one specific piece of feedback for the developer, which can be useful for one-on-ones or reviews. 

After all, telling someone or is not actionable.

There are 10 possible pieces of feedback. The ranking functions sort into a waterfall, with these possible outcomes:

  1. Check in your latest progress every day 
  2. Spend a little more time coding each day 
  3. Take on some more important tasks.  
  4. Break large work items into pieces
  5. Develop a clear implementation path before starting work
  6. Balance large refactors with work on new features 
  7. Take on some more difficult work 
  8. Help the team pay down technical debt 
  9. Review code only after making progress on your own items 
  10. Honestly, we couldn’t find any suggestions. Keep kicking butt.

Here are some examples of how that feedback might be presented:

  • An engineer might be churning at an unusually high rate relative to the team, so #5 may be relevant (Develop a clear implementation path before starting work). However, if they are also checking in abnormally large commits, they would receive the higher-priority #4 Break large work items into pieces.
  • If an engineer's work signature contains mostly low-impact commits, they may receive feedback #7, encouraging them to dig in and take ownership of larger features.
  • If an engineer falls substantially lower than the team average for meaningful active days, they may receive #3 Take on some more important tasks.

Why do I see a lot of “Check in your latest progress every day” ?

Some of what is at play is a Flow bias—that progress should be committed and pushed on a daily basis. This behavior is something we’ve found to be particularly good for productivity across the 20+ million commits we've analyzed. 

As a result, anyone who is under 3 days per week will hit this feedback in the waterfall logic, regardless of the team average.

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