How does the Pluralsight referral program work?

If you currently have an active, paid, individual subscription to Pluralsight, you can refer others to sign up for a subscription. The users who are invited to join Pluralsight via a referral link can sign up at a 50% discount on the Monthly subscription or 15% discount on the Annual subscription. You can find your individualized referral link on your account billing page here.

The referral link can be forwarded via email, or you can share it on Twitter and Facebook. For each user who follows your individual referral link and completes the sign-up process for a paid individual subscription, you will receive one free month of Pluralsight access on your account. This free month will be added on to the end of your current subscription term, and you can get up to 12 months of free access*.

*Please note that this is 12 months TOTAL per account.