Preparing for your certification exams

Our courses that are geared towards certifications will be identified by the exam number in our library.  We are not specifically exam prep, since we do concentrate more on the skills covered in the exams.  This means we typically cover more than what is required for the exam specifically since we will concentrate on the skills/topic that is outlined on a certification syllabus. 

We do not offer any guarantees that you will pass your exam. Since our service is self paced and we do not assess your comfort with the material, when you take the exam passing is up to your results.

Once you are prepared, you will have to register and pay for the exams on your own.  For most vendor certifications, you can find the closest testing facility and register for the exam through or  If you do not see your test here, we recommend you look at the vendor's website.

A note on PRINCE2 PRINCE2® changed recently, and we’ve updated the PRINCE2® path to contain the PRINCE2® 2017 versions. You can check out the new PRINCE2® 2017 path here. If you’re in the middle of taking a course, make sure to check the course page. Our retired courses have the text “This retired course covers the Prince2® 2009 objectives” in the descriptions in their course page.

If you cannot find a certification or have any additional questions on certifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at