How to create teams

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In this article, we'll review how to create teams, add existing users to a team, and how to nest teams within other teams.

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How to create a new team

Go to User Management under your Settings menu and click Teams. Click Create team.

A modal will appear where you will need to add the following information:

  • Team image
  • Team Name
  • Team Description
  • Select Parent Team (if applicable)
  • Select View Rights
Tip: If you select a parent team, the "Inherit" View Rights will be inherited from the parent team's view rights. If no parent team is selected "Inherit' view rights will be inherited from the organizational default View Rights.

When you are finished, click Save.

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Adding existing users to a new team

Now let's add users to the team. You can do this on the team level or the user level. Learn how to invite new users to a team.

First, click on the team from the team list. Under the Users tab, click Add users, then use the search bar to locate a user and click Add Users.

The user will be added as a member of the team. You now can adjust the user's team view rights and membership type. Additionally you can view if the user's data is currently being excluded or included in the reports as well as their association with any other team.

Adding users to a team at the user level

Once you have created a team, you will be able to add users to any team from the User detail page. .

Navigate to Settings then click Users to locate your user list. Locate and click on the user you wish to view.

On the User detail page, click on the Teams tab.  Click Add more teams then use the search bar to find the team you want the user to be added to and click Join team.

The team will be added in the user's team list. You can now adjust the user's team view rights and membership type as necessary.

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Nesting teams

A nested team in Flow is any team that has one or more child teams nested under the parent team. Use a nested team structure to reflect your company's hierarchy and to manage teams more effectively. Find an overview of how your nested teams will appear in Flow.

  1. Once you have teams created in your account, you can modify them and nest them by navigating to User Management under the Settings menu. Click Teams
  2. On the Teams page you can drag and drop existing teams into other teams to move them into a child state. In the example below, Team A was moved under Team B. Team A is now a child team and Team B is the parent.

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