How to know when your Flow installation is complete

Tags: Flow on-prem

An installation is complete when it meets the following:

  • Customer has completed an installation assessment survey
  • Replicated successfully installed and configured
  • Flow installed via Replicated
  • Daily activity must update within a day
  • No system failures
  • Ability to communicate with their git servers
  • Ability to communicate with Replicated servers (non-airgapped)
  • External Postgres database installed and configured

Installations must be completed within 30 days from signing. The following schedule must be followed to meet this requirement:

  • Installation planning meeting and Installation Assessment survey no later than 5 business days after signing
  • A host environment must be provisioned for the application and ready no later than 10 business days after signing
  • A database server must be provisioned and configured no later than 10 days after signing
  • Replicated installation and configuration no later than 20 business days after signing
  • Flow installation and health check no later than 20 business days after signing
  • Confirmation from the customer that Flow is installed and they are able to log on no later than 30 days after signing
  • After 30 days, customer will incur a cost for installation support or must be enrolled in professional services

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