Pluralsight Statement of Direction for Internet Explorer

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Pluralsight is dropping support for Internet Explorer (IE) in its web products. Until then, our browser support will remain as documented here for Skills and here for Flow.

The time has come for progression beyond this old technology. Microsoft itself has recommended use of its replacement browser, Edge, for some time. Now it is also dropping support for Internet Explorer in its major products, including Microsoft Teams in 2020 and Microsoft 365 in 2021. Other major web properties have done the same.

At Pluralsight, the desupport process will happen in stages that are predictable and give time to make any needed adjustments.  The stages are:

  1. “First Notice” - 19 May 2021 - Pluralsight Skills displays an in-app affordance indicating future browser desupport for Internet Explorer users. Browser support documentation is updated to include this future fact.

  2. “Second Notice” - 30 days from “First Notice” - Pluralsight Skills displays another reminder in-app affordance indicating future IE desupport.

  3. “Final Desupport” - 90 days from “First Notice” - Pluralsight Skills displays an unsupported browser notice indefinitely for Internet Explorer users. IE support is officially dropped from all Pluralsight web products. Documentation and support guidelines are updated.

This change is for the better. Pluralsight products will continue to meet the needs of our users, and now they will be better positioned to do so.

There are many modern browser upgrade options. Please choose one to upgrade to and use. Here are a few that will work well:

  1. Google Chrome -

  2. Mozilla Firefox -

  3. Microsoft Edge -

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