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If you are connected to your GitHub account, you may bulk import your teams from GitHub.

Important: In addition to GitHub, you also have the option to import teams from GitHub Enterprise and Azure DevOps using the description below.

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Importing my GitHub teams

Starting on your Flow home page, go to the top navigation bar and click Settings. Using the left navigation under User Management, click Teams. Click on Import Teams in the top right hand corner of your screen. Then click Integration import

A modal will appear. You will need to select

  1. The GitHub Integration you want to use to import teams from.
  2. The GitHub organization where your teams live.

Once an org has been selected your GitHub teams will be displayed. Click the teams you want to import or click Select All.

Then click Import. A warning will appear confirming you want to proceed. If you are click Yes continue.

Your GitHub teams will now be visible in your teams list.

Updating my GitHub teams

If at any point you need to update your GitHub teams, you will need to go through the same process as above.

What this will do to your current GitHub Teams:

  • It will update all authors within the existing teams (add or remove authors).

  • It will add any new teams that currently do not exist in Flow. 

  • It will not make changes to a team name. If an existing team in Flow has a different name in Flow, the new team name will be added as a new team. You will then need to delete the old team reference.

For more information about managing you teams and editing your teams check out the following help documents:

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