Pluralsight Skills individual accounts and team plans

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Account ownership

For individual accounts not joined to a team plan, the account owner is the individual who owns the email registered under the account. The account owner accepts and is responsible for adhering to Pluralsight’s Individual Terms of Use (opens in new tab) and Privacy Notice (opens in new tab).

For user accounts on team plans, the account owner is the company that owns the team plan. Users on Pluralsight team plans must accept and are responsible for adhering to Pluralsight’s Terms of Use (opens in new tab) and Privacy Notice (opens in new tab).

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Removed users

When an account is no longer joined to a team plan, whether the user is removed or the plan expires:

  • The user may be locked out of their Pluralsight team account. They could lose access to their course history, profile, any personal channels they created, and any custom roles created from an Enterprise plan, if applicable.
  • The user loses access to the team plan and any admin or manager permissions they were assigned.
  • The user loses access to their plan license(s) and any add-on licenses they were assigned. In the case of non-transferable certification add-ons, such as ITIL and PRINCE2, this loss is permanent. All other licenses return to the plan’s bank of unassigned licenses.
  • Admins and managers on the plan lose visibility to some analytics data for the removed user. See Analytics data for added and removed learners to learn more.
  • Plan members lose access to any company channels owned by the removed user. Wherever possible, users should transfer ownership of any company channels they own before they’re removed from the plan.

If a user wants to continue learning on Skills after they’ve been removed from a plan, they’ll need to create a new individual account. If you’d like, you can share the article Leaving a team plan with users you’re removing from the plan so they know what to expect.

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Re-invited users

If a removed user is re-invited to the same plan in the future, they may regain access to their former account, as long as:

  • they still have access to the email address associated with the account,
  • the account hasn’t been deleted according to data retention policies, —or—
  • a plan admin hasn’t requested permanent data deletion for the account under GDPR, CCPA, or other relevant privacy laws and regulations.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.