Instant terminal: getting started

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Instant Terminal, a Linux based command line interface, allows you to automatically connect to your terminal from any web browser. No extensions, add-ons, or extra packages are required.

How does the instant terminal work exactly?

Instant Terminal uses the HTTP or HTTPS ports 80 and 443 to remove the risk of having to open port 22. This also removes the permissions needed to download a terminal on a corporate network.

Important: We can't always control software within your Cloud environment or instances, which may go against certain corporate network settings. Be sure to work with your IT/Security team if you encounter issues or want to check on an item ahead of time.

Instant Terminal does not have many services or resources itself. However, it does include SSH and usage instructions that are displayed when you connect.

Launching the Instant Terminal

There are two ways to launch the Instant Terminal.

Option 1:

  1. Select the Instant Terminal tab within the Cloud Playground.
  2. Then, click Launch Terminal.

Option 2:

Use the following link to launch the Instant Terminal directly:

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