Integrations API

Tags: Flow

An integration is a representation of a connection between Flow and a vendor.

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Supported request

Get a list of integrations:


iddoubleUnique identifier for the integration.
namestringIntegration name.
orgdoubleUnique identifier for the organization.
vendor_typestringName of vendor.
auth_typestringAuthentication method.
webhooks_enabledbooleanReturns true if webhooks are enabled.
enabled_source_typesstringAn array of source types enabled for the integration (Repo, PRs, Tickets).
created_atstringDate/time when Integration was created.
updated_atstringDate/time when the integration was last updated.
created_bystringUser who created the Integration.
updated_bystringUser who last updated the integration.
source_type_namesstringNames of enabled source types.
usernamestringUsername used to authenticate integration.
vendor_metastringAn array of vendor information.
has_reposbooleanReturns true if one or more repos exist.
excluded_project_ownersstringAn array of excluded project owners/groups from the Repos available page.
urlstringUnused field
source_projects_last_updatedstringDate associated projects were last updated.
agent_enabledbooleanField reserved for future use.

Example response

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