Inviting participants to take the skills assessment

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With the skills assessment, your team will be assessed using expertly crafted questions creating a baseline for your team’s knowledge and helping identify any skill gaps.


  • This is exclusive to Business Plus and Business Basic memberships.
  • Currently assesses for AWS and Azure only.

Inviting participants

Let’s get started.

  1. You’ll find the Skill Assessment tab at the top of your admin dashboard. Selecting Skills Assessment will bring you to the Skills Assessment Page.
  2. Select Invite.
  3. Welcome to the invites page.
  4. Add participants by manually entering the email addresses or uploading a .csv file with email addresses in the first column.
  5. It is possible for you to split participants into multiple groups through the Add another group of participants button, you will then be able to filter the results by group in the results tab.
  6. You can also enter a name for each group to help distinguish your teams.
  7. Once your participants have been added, you can now select the Cloud Provider: AWS or Azure along with the length of time your team can take the skills assessment.
  8. Review and send. Everything look good? Awesome. Click Send Invitations and your team will receive the skills assessment.
  9. Once you send the invitations, you will be redirected to the Results tab. You’ll also receive an email confirming that the skills assessment has been sent to your team.
  10. You will also receive a weekly email keeping you up to date on the progress of the skills assessment.
  11. Once the skills assessment has completed either because all participants have completed skills assessment or the time limit has been reached, you’ll receive confirmation of your results.
  12. View your team's results (opens in new tab).

Need help understanding the results? See Skills assessment FAQ for admins.

Equipped with knowledge about your team’s skills, you can start assigning learning paths, or add team members to study groups. Let the learning begin.

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