Firewall and mail server configuration for Skills

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Follow these steps to configure your company's firewall and mail servers to ensure your users can access Pluralsight Skills.


Please make certain you configure the following hosts as trusted senders on your email server and firewall so that mail from Pluralsight isn't rejected:

  • Mandrill, IP address
  • Sparkpost, IP addresses and,

Please make sure and are not routed to spam. If you don't do this, your users may not receive their team plan invites and password reset emails.

If your organization elects into customer marketing communications—typically around adoption and engagement—please allowlist and configure this host as a trusted sender on your email server and firewall:

  • Marketo,, IP address

This is optional and only necessary for organizations that are working with Pluralsight and using customer marketing communications.

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Be sure to allowlist the following hosts in your firewall for outbound TCP connections over ports 80 and 443 (for HTTP and HTTPS, respectively):

  • *
  • *

For Pluralsight Skills interactive courses, please also allow WSS traffic over port 443.

Pluralsight Skills uses Cloudflare, Cachefly, Edgecast, and AWS.

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Video content

If you experience issues with video content, check out our video checkup tool (opens in new tab), as well as this article on video troubleshooting steps.

To verify that a local firewall is not blocking access to our video servers, please try downloading this 40MB video file directly from our content delivery network (opens in new tab). If your firewall is rejecting our videos, you'll likely see 403 Forbidden. This may include a message explaining why your firewall blocked your request.

If you still have issues accessing our content, especially playing videos, please reach out to your IT Ops team to make sure the subdomains below are allowed through your network firewall and any security appliance.

SubdomainsContent delivery network

Video course exercise files

To allow your users to download and use exercise files associated with video courses, please add the following domain:


Discussion boards

To view and use discussion boards on video courses and projects, please allowlist

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Hands-on learning

Required for general labs and sandboxes:

  •, *
  • *
  • *
  • *


  • *

For AWS labs, please also allow Amazon's list of IP addresses (external site, opens in new tab).

For Microsoft Azure labs, please also allow Microsoft's list of URLs (external site, opens in new tab).

For in-course Qwiklabs, and Google Cloud self-paced labs, please also allow * and allow access to Google's list of ports (external site, opens in new tab).

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For Pluralsight Flow access: if you’re using Flow with an internal server or behind a firewall, please allow Flow’s static IP addresses.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.