Leaving a team plan

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When you leave a Pluralsight Skills team plan, you'll lose access to paid Skills content, unless you purchase an individual subscription or join another plan. However, you will retain access to your account and some of its features.

What you can access

When you leave a team plan, you’ll retain access to your Skills account, including your profile, history, and certificates of completion. You can also continue to take and view Skill IQ and Role IQ assessments.

Without an active license or subscription, you'll lose access to paid Skills content. However, you will have access to our free library of courses. Learn more about what you can access with a free account.

Note: You'll lose access to any custom roles created from an Enterprise plan. You'll also lose access to any add-on licenses you were assigned under your team plan. In the case of non-transferrable certification add-ons such as ITIL and PRINCE2, the loss of these licenses will be permanent.

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Logging in

Your login information will stay the same when you leave a team plan. If you logged in with single sign-on (SSO) on your team plan, you'll need to reset your login information. Click the Forgot password link on the login page (opens in new tab) to set a new password.

Any email communications from Pluralsight regarding your account are sent to your primary email address. While you’re on a team plan, only a plan admin can change your primary email address. However, you can add your personal email address as a secondary email. We recommend doing this before leaving your team plan in case you lose access to your organization-provided email address.

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Rejoining Skills as an individual learner

To purchase an individual subscription and regain access to paid Skills content, log in to your Skills account and click Upgrade Now in the top navigation bar, then choose a subscription level.

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Joining another team plan

You can join a new team plan as long as your email is not associated with any other team accounts. If you have an individual subscription, you'll either need to cancel it or use another email to join the team plan. See how to accept a team plan invitation for more information.

Note: Users can only have one subscription per email address.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.