Managing subscriptions purchased through iTunes

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If you purchased an individual Pluralsight Skills subscription through iTunes, you will need to manage that subscription through Apple iTunes.

Here are things you can do directly through Apple: 

  • Manage licenses
  • Renewals
  • Change from monthly to annual billing, or vice versa
  • Billing and payment
  • Cancel your subscription

In order to get the help you need, Apple provides support for managing subscriptions. You can also access your subscription details from your billing page

Q: I'm having an issue watching content with the subscription I purchased through iTunes. What should I do?

A: If you purchased a subscription from Apple iTunes and you're not seeing any content to view, it may be due to an issue with syncing. Sometimes, you need to re-sync with iTunes in order to properly view content. 

To do so, follow the steps below to setup your subscription correctly:

  1. Launch the Pluralsight app
  2. Go to the Settings menu
  3. Tap on Restore Purchases
  4. Type in your iTunes password
  5. You will be re-directed to the Pluralsight app settings screen

After following these steps, you will be able to view content.

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If you need help, please email Support (opens email form) for 24/7 assistance.