User management

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All Flow users, including those ingested from your integrations, appear on the Users page. Use this page to manage ingested users and users you've added to Flow.

User information

To view your users:

  1. Click Settings in Flow's top navigation.
  2. In the left navigation under User management, click Users.

The users page provides the following information:

  • Name is the display name Flow uses to refer to the user in Flow. Click on the name to view the user's details page.
  • Email is the email Flow displays when referencing the user in Flow.
  • Include in metrics indicates whether Flow includes or excludes the user in its metric calculations. Click the toggle to include the user in or exclude the user from metrics.
  • Login indicates if the user can log in to Flow and view metrics or perform other actions. A green check mark indicates they can log in to Flow.
  • Member of shows the user's team memberships. Click the information in this column to view the teams the user is associated with.
  • Member of group(s) indicates whether the user is actively a part of a programming group. Learn more about group programming.
  • Aliases indicates the number of aliases associated with the user. Learn more about aliases.
  • The three dots icon gives you additional options to manage the user.

Tip: Click the arrows next to each column header to sort users by that feature. For example, sorting by Name sorts your users in alphabetical order by their names.

Advanced filters and Quick filters

Complex filters and quick filters give you the ability to locate and/or narrow down your user list to a specific user or group of users.

Use Quick filters to locate the following types of users

  • Users that have login are any user(s) that can log in to and access Flow
  • Active contributors are users included in metrics with PR or commit activity. These users count towards license usage.
  • Users created in last 3 weeks are any new user(s) that have been ingested recently
  • Users on teams are any user(s) on a team
  • Users on my teams are user(s) on the same team(s) as you.
  • Users not on teams are any user(s) not added to a team

Complex filters can help you filter your users by one or multiple groups using one of the following filter types:

  • Name is the user name
  • Email is the user email
  • Include in metrics indicates whether the user is included in or excluded from metrics
  • Has login refers to users with logins
  • Alias count refers to users with a specific alias count
  • Alias name refers to users with a specific alias name
  • Alias email refers to users with a specific alias email
  • Team member refers to users on a specific team
  • Roles refers to users with a specific role
  • Created at shows users created on a specific date.
  • Last activity at shows users with work activity on, before, or after a specific date
  • User on team specifies whether the user is part of a team

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User management

On the User page you can take the following actions:

  1. Invite users to Flow. Learn more about inviting users to Flow.

  2. Merge users. If you are seeing duplicate users in your reports you can merge these aliases so that all data is consolidated under one apex user. Learn more about merging users.

  3. View Hidden users and hide or unhide users. Learn more about hiding users.

  4. Download CSV file of users.

  5. Apply complex filters.

To edit current Flow users:

  1. Click the box next to the users you want to edit.
  2. Click the Actions dropdown menu.

Under the Actions dropdown menu, you can:

  1. Add to teams. You can add one or more users at a time to teams.

  2. Include in metrics. Flow prompts you to confirm your changes.

  3. Exclude from metrics. Flow prompts you to confirm your changes.

  4. Resend pending invitations. If you have one or multiple users that have pending invitations to join your Flow account, you can resend these invitations by selecting the users with invites and clicking Resend pending invitations.

  5. Hide selected users. Flow prompts you to confirm your changes.

  6. Remove selected users. Flow prompts you to confirm your changes.

    Note: If a user has no commit, PR, or ticket data associated with them or any merged aliases, removing them deletes them from Flow entirely. If a user has any commit, PR or ticket data, Flow hides them. Clicking Remove selected users shows a modal listing which users are deleted and which are hidden..

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User CSV download

Download the user CSV to view a list of your users. Use this list to audit your users, check their permissions, and see which users need to be merged.

Tip: Any filters you apply on the Users page in Flow are applied to the CSV download. Use the in-app filters to see the list of users you want. Hidden users are not included in the CSV.

Below is a list of column fields in the CSV:

  • Name

  • Included in Metrics

  • Has Login

  • Apex User ID

  • Email address

  • Sign in Email

  • Aliases

  • Alias Count

  • Start Date

  • Last Login

  • Last Activity

  • Active Contributor

  • Disabled Login

  • Member of Pairs

  • Teams

  • Roles

  • Default Teams View Rights

  • See Individual Metrics Default

  • Access

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