Managing pull request projects

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Once you have imported your repos, you will be able to view your pull requests in your pull request reports and manage your PR projects on the page.

Managing PR projects

To manage your PR projects, start by navigating to your PR projects page.

Step 1: Starting on your Flow home page, go to the top navigation bar and click Settings. Using the left navigation under Integrations, click PR projects.

Step 2: On the Pull request page, you have the ability to: 

A.) Use advanced filtering to narrow down your project list. 

B.) Remove (delete) projects.

A.) Using the advanced filters

If you have a large quantity of projects and you need to find a select few that you need to view or delete, you can use the advanced filters to do so. 

Step 1: To use these filters, next to the search box, click Show filters.

Step 2: The advanced filters will appear and you will be able to select your filtering criteria. 

Note: You can add filters and additional filter groups.

B.) Remove (delete) projects 

Step 1: Select the project(s) you want to delete from your account. 

Step 2: From the small drop down menu, click Remove selected.

Step 3: A message will appear confirming your selection. Click Yes, remove pull request data.

Step 4: Success! You have successfully deleted your project. 

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