Managing study groups

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You’ve created a study group are assigned and your team’s set up. Now what? This article will help you manage your study groups and walk through how to report/track those study groups.

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Finding study groups

  1. Click Study Groups at the top of your Business dashboard.
  2. From the main study groups dashboard you'll have the options to Setup, View, or Delete your study groups.

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Setting up study groups

Setup allows you to add or remove learners, edit study group details, or activate/cancel the group. You can also move the start date to a later date.

  • Click + Add Students to add learners to a study group.
  • Click Remove to remove a learner from a study group.
  • Click Manage Group to edit or delete a study group.
  • Click Activate Study Plan to start the cloud journey for a study group.

Important: a study group can only be deleted before it is activated.

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Viewing study groups

Viewing a study group allows you to see each learner's progress toward the group’s goal. You can check on their latest activity and see who may need some additional support. You can remove individuals as well.

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Deleting study groups

Delete allows you to remove study groups that have not yet been activated. After clicking the Delete button, confirm deletion by clicking Delete Study Group.

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Reporting options

From the study groups main dashboard, you can download a copy of the study group's progress report, or share it with others.

  1. To download a CSV, click Export CSV.
  2. To share a PDF report via email: 
    1. Click Share progress.
    2. Enter the email address you’d like to send the report to.
    3. Add any additional information you'd like to share in the Email Body field, then click Send Progress.

You’re now able to efficiently keep your team on track and consistently moving toward their goals.

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