Managing team managers

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In Pluralsight Skills, a team manager is a user that has been assigned a level of access that lets them manage a certain group of learners. While a team manager with default permissions can only view data about their learners, as well as any learners on child teams of their team, a plan admin can grant a team manager additional permissions.

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Adding team managers

As a plan admin, you can add team managers to your plan. If the user isn’t part of your group plan already, you can invite them to the group plan at the same time.

  1. Click the People link in the left pane navigation menu.
  2. In the Managers tab, click the Add new Manager link
  3. In the select the Team popup window,  search for your team then click Next
  4. If the user is already on your group plan, enter their name in the Name field and click the Designate manager button.
  5. If the user isn't on your group plan, click the Invite someone new link to send a team manager invitation.

Note: This process doesn’t assign the user a license. The user can’t watch Skills courses until they are granted a license, but they can view learner analytics and see learners on their team. Learn how to grant licenses.

Tip: You can have more than one team manager on a team. Also, users can be managers of more than one team.

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Removing team managers

To remove a team manager from your group plan, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Managers tab link in the navigation menu.
  2. Under the Remove section click the “x”. Click the X at the far right of the row of the person you want to remove, under the Remove column.
  3. Click Remove Manager in the popup window that appears.

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Setting permission levels

As a plan admin, you can choose the permissions level for team managers on your plan. The permissions are applied to all team managers on the plan. Permissions can't be configured on a manager-by-manager basis. Team managers do not have access to the billing page, billing details, or the organization tab on the people page.

To set permissions for the team managers on your plan:

  1. Click the Managers tab.
  2. Click the Configure link.
  3. Select the permissions level.
  4. Choose which additional settings you'd like to enable.
  5. Click the Save button.

Team managers on your plan can have Basic, Limited, or Full permissions:

View their teams
View analytics and reporting for users on their teams
Edit the team name for their teams 
Edit the email address and note for users on their teams, as well as the unassigned group 
Move users between their teams and the unassigned group 
Invite users to the plan by inviting the user to either the manager's team(s) or the unassigned group  
Remove users from the plan that are on their team or in the unassigned group  

You can also adjust settings beyond the Basic, Limited, and Full permissions that help you further customize what your team managers can see.

Each of the following settings can be toggled on or off:

  • Hide user skill levels from managers
  • Hide non-team members in Directory
  • Hide license dashboard from Manager views
  • Disable Flow analytics on Dashboard from managers
  • Disable manager invite emails when they're assigned to teams

To enable one of these settings, click the toggle. A toggle is enabled when the button is on the right and the toggle is blue.

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