Managing the Slack integration

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The Slack integration allows you to set-up rules that analyze specific team(s) or individual(s) and send messages triggered by changes in their metrics or work patterns. The text of these messages is fully customizable and can be sent to any public or individual channel in your Slack workspace.

Getting started

To set-up an integration between your organization and Slack workspace, you must have the permission manage Slack integration within Flow. If you do not have this permission, please reach out to your organization Admin. 

Setting-up the Slack integration

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings menu. Under Report Settings click Messages in your side navigation.

Step 2: Select Add to Slack on the Slack tab 

Tip: You will need permissions in your Slack workspace to install this application, otherwise you will be prompted to request a new app from an Admin.

Step 3: Confirm permissions for the Flow Slack Bot

If you do not have adequate permissions in Slack to integration applications you will see this message:

Success you, have successfully connected Slack to your Flow account! You can add rules and create messages.

Removing the Slack integration

To remove your Slack integration, you must disconnect it via the Slack app store directly. 

Step 1: Go to and ensure you are updating the correct Slack workspace if you have admin permissions for multiple Slack spaces. 

Step 2: Navigate to Apps and find the Flow app. 

Step 3: Select Remove App at the bottom of the page and confirm in the confirmation window that you want to remove the application from the workspace.

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