Manually marking a pair commit

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Manually marking a commit as a pair commit allows you to ensure that both developers are getting credit for their work on the commit.


In order to manually mark a commit as a pair programmed commit you will need access to the following permissions:

  • Manage Commits
  • Work Log

Additionally, your group programming settings will need to be turned on. Learn how to turn on your group programming settings.

Marking a commit as a pair commit

Once you have all the necessary permissions and your pair programming settings have been turned on, you can now manually mark any commit as a paired commit.

  1. Navigate to the Operational reports and click on Work log.


  2.  Locate the commit that you want to mark as a paired commit and left click on the commit to open up the drop down menu. Click Mark as a pair commit.

  3.  In the modal, search for and select the user you want to add as a pair programmer to this commit.

  4. Click Save once you have added all the necessary users to the commit.

  5. Success! You have manually parked this commit as a pair commit. You will see a success banner, and the commit now appears as an empty orange circle and the authors of the commit have been changed to match all pair programmers on the commit.

Edit a pair commit

You can make changes to a existing pair commit by following the same steps. The commit drop down menu will say Edit pair commit.

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