Mentoring for individual subscribers

What is mentoring? How does it work?

Getting instant help from a mentor

To get help from a mentor, you can click the Mentoring link within a course, at the top. You can also click Mentors on the left pane navigation, and browse mentors by subjects.

Note: To use mentoring, you must have a credit card on file (individual users, professional plan users) or be an Enterprise plan user with mentoring credits enabled. Here's how to use mentoring for business.

Tell us about your mentoring request, including selecting a Main skill area from the drop-down and Related skill areas, and a short description of your project's details.

Note: Some skills have longer waiting times. We'll automatically ask you to provide us with 3 times to connect, so a mentor can call you. You’ll receive an email with a confirmation.

If we have mentors available for your skill, you'll be taken to a page to check that your computer's camera and audio input are working. If you want to check the settings right now, click here. While you can connect without a videocamera or audio, we recommend using both for the best learning experience.

How do I talk to my mentor?

You can use chat, videoconference camera & audio. You can also use a code editor visible to both you and the mentor. The code editor can be set to syntax for HTML, JavaScript, and many others.

Our collaborative session environment includes the following tools:

  1. Code editor Paste code here for real time editing and syntax highlighting
  2. Screen share Share your screen and view your mentor's shared screen
  3. Screen control Mouse control requires an installation of
  4. Video/Audio chat Toggle A/V on or off by hovering over your avatar

Tip: when using Zoom, mute your microphone in the mentoring screen to avoid feedback.

At the end of the session, click End Session. You'll have the opportunity to leave a review of your experience. Individual users (not members of a group plan), you can also tip your mentor if you choose to.

The mentoring experience is available to you because of HackHands - a company acquired by Pluralsight in 2015 in order to integrate their mentoring technology and their years of product knowledge into the Pluralsight platform and family.

How much does mentoring cost?

For group plan admins

Enterprise and professional group plan admins, please see our Mentoring for group plans section.

For members with individual subscriptions

When you create your Mentoring request, you'll set your maximum budget. Your budget can range from $1/minute to $5/minute (USD). We work to keep your costs at a minimum while getting help in two ways:

  • Our system will algorithmically prioritize qualified mentors who've had success with similar requests on your topic. This means you're getting the best possible mentors to work with you and your issue.
  • Our system works hard on your behalf to search for the cheapest qualified mentor to find the best deal for you. We broadcast your request starting $1/minute and work up to your maximum per-minute rate, to broaden the mentor search.

Your end total is based on the total time spent with a mentor and your per-minute budget accepted by the mentor. You'll also have the ability to tip your mentor as a thank you, but this is not required.

How does the 5-minute grace period work?

During the first five minutes of your mentoring session, you can explain the problem to your mentor to understand whether or not the mentor is the best fit for your issue. This is also a chance to test video and audio feeds.

Click here for more on testing your audio & video setup before your session.

If you decide to end the session before 5 minutes is reached, you will not be charged. 

However, if you decide to continue with that mentor beyond 5 minutes, you will be charged for the entire duration of the session, including the first 5 minutes.

Do I get to choose my mentor?

Let the system choose a mentor for you

When you fill out a mentoring request from within a course, the Pluralsight mentoring system selects a mentor for you. The system matches you with one of our experts based on the main skill area, and related skills areas. On individual subscriptions, the system also looks for the lowest-cost mentor in the price range you chose.

Browse to choose a mentor

You can choose a mentor yourself on the Browse mentors page. Explore our mentors by searching by name, or by skill area; for example, JavaScript or HTML5. 

Only mentors that have a 30-day average customer rating of 4 stars or higher display on this area, so you're getting access to our highest-rated experts to assist with your project.

When you choose a mentor yourself, you'll also tell the mentor three different times you're available to meet, so that they can schedule a session with you. 

How do you guarantee my happiness with mentoring?

We want you to have a great experience with your mentoring session. Here's how we ensure your satisfaction:

  1. The first five minutes of a session is a risk free trial with the mentor who joins your session. If you aren’t sure the mentor is the right fit, your session will be free of charge as long as you end within the first five minutes.
  2. If the session goes longer than five minutes, and if you’re not completely satisfied, then you can request a full refund through our 100% money-back guarantee program.
  3. If you leave a review of three stars or below, our customer support team will reach out to you. We'll work with you to find a solution & make sure you get the mentoring you need.

Can I test my audio, video, & text editor before a mentoring session? How can I troubleshoot my setup?

Mentoring works best on Chrome and Firefox. Here's how to test and troubleshoot your workspace setup before starting your mentoring session.

Testing mentoring on your system

If you face technical issues with the mentoring interface, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome or FireFox.
  • Make sure you are able to run the webrtc test.
  • Make sure firewall and proxies are configured correctly--see our recommendations & requirements here.
  • Make sure that the right camera and mic are selected.
  • If you have an issue with your camera, check if the camera works on a different browser. For instance, if you are using Chrome, check if it works with Firefox instead.
  • Make sure you have the right ports open. You can check this by running the Connectivity Doctor.
  • Make sure the camera/audio works in Google’s webrtc demo
  • Run a bandwidth test at Make sure that the bandwidth is over 350kbps upload and download.  
  • Make sure the camera/audio works in Skype or Photo Booth.
  • Reload your page, then restart your browser. If those don't work, reboot your OS.

How do I become a Pluralsight Mentor?

We are always looking for technology professionals to join our Mentor community. Visit the mentor registration page for more information on becoming a mentor.

You can also find answers to common questions about becoming a mentor on our hack.hands() Mentor FAQ.

What if I don’t want to work with the mentor who joins?

You can end the session at any time.

Upon ending a session, you will be sent to the review page, where you can rate your session and leave an optional tip. You can then request a new mentor for your previous request from the dashboard.

How can I tell if your mentors are good enough?

Our mentor community consists of Pluralsight course authors, top contributors on StackOverflow, active members within their software communities, instructors at the best schools and bootcamps and passionate professionals who care about helping other programmers. 

In addition to working with building a pool of talented mentors, we monitor the customer reviews from each session to ensure the quality of our mentors and the entire experience. Only mentors with a 30-day average customer rating of 4 stars or higher display on our Browse mentors page.

Which browser should I use for Pluralsight Mentors?

We recommend Chrome, and we also support Firefox.

The mentoring feature doesn't support Safari currently, nor IE versions prior to Internet Explorer 11. Users of Edge or Safari may not have the full experience and will need to use Zoom for screensharing, which you can access through our Mentoring feature.

How does tipping a mentor work?

Did you have a mentor who went above and beyond? Or did they save you lots of time that would have been searching for an answer? Thank them with a tip. You can add whatever tip amount you’d like to give them on the review page after the session ends.

On the review page, you can leave a positive review, star rating, and a tip of whatever amount you choose. It can be a small amount, a large amount, or nothing at all. Sessions do not require customers to leave a tip.

What technologies and topics do you have mentors for?

To see available technologies and topics, sign in to Pluralsight and start a request, or browse the mentors page.

Our most popular topics, such as JavaScript, typically have mentors available around the clock to assist you, and you can start a session within minutes of your request.

Note: Some skills have longer waiting times due to being less commonly requested.

The mentoring system will automatically ask you to provide us with three possible times to connect, so a mentor can call you. You'll receive an email with a confirmation for the time your mentor can meet with you.

If you don't find the skill you need mentoring in listed in our topics, please email and we will look for a mentor to meet your needs.

We're actively looking to increase our mentor community for IT ops and creative topics. Visit the mentor registration page for more information on becoming a mentor. You can also find answers to common questions about becoming a mentor on our hack.hands() Mentor FAQ.

Is there mentoring available for groups?

If you manage a Pluralsight subscription for your company, you can enable Mentoring for your users.

Enterprise and Professional plan admins can purchase mentoring sessions through your sales rep. Click here for more information about mentoring for group plans.