Mentoring for business plans

What is mentoring for business? What's the benefit for my company?

Mentoring allows your group plan users to connect directly with an expert on a skill or technology they need help understanding. These are live videoconference mentoring sessions on the topics your users need assistance with. We offer mentoring on current technologies as well as both legacy and cutting-edge systems.

Your users can understand best practices, get ready for certification, and even apply new technologies such as machine learning. This goes beyond the video courses available on Pluralsight to bring customized help and skilling up to your users.

Something doesn’t look right on my group mentoring dashboard, who should I reach out to?

You can contact your sales representative or We're happy to help and solve issues that come up with the group mentoring dashboard.

Tip: If someone is having technical issues with the mentoring interface, please send them this mentoring help article, which has detailed troubleshooting steps and system requirements.

How can I purchase mentoring for business?

Mentoring for business is an add-on purchase for business plans. A plan administrator can purchase mentoring and learn more about pricing by speaking with their sales representative or contacting

How long are mentoring for business sessions?

Mentoring for business sessions are 15 minutes, and multiple sessions can be consumed in one request.

What if a mentoring for business session goes longer than the 15 minutes?

Multiple 15-minute credits can be consumed in one session.

How do you make sure I get value out of my mentoring session?

The first five minutes are a "grace period" during which you can determine if the mentor is the right fit for your request. If in the first five minutes you feel the mentor isn't right, the session credit won't be deducted from the account.

Can a group plan make mentoring only available to some users?

Yes; a group plan that has mentoring for business can make mentoring only available to some users. However, it cannot allocate specific sessions to specific users. All mentoring session credits are pooled and available to all users with account permission to access mentoring.

Do mentoring for business sessions expire?

Yes, mentoring for business sessions expire in conjunction with the business subscription expiration.

How can I see my group plan’s mentoring credit balance?

In the left-hand panel, in Admin Tools, select Account, then Subscription, then scroll down to Mentoring to see how many mentoring session credits your group plan has available.

You can reach out to your sales representative to add more mentoring credits. Your rep is listed right below the mentoring credits, under Pluralsight contact.

I want mentoring on my group plan for a topic that isn’t in the mentoring database.

Pluralsight has mentors for over 70 distinct skill areas, including JavaScript, .NET, iOS, Maya, Photoshop, and many more.

We're dedicated to help your company’s needs. Need mentoring on a topic that isn't listed on our platform? Send us a message at with a description of what you need help with, including your goals and the technologies or skills involved.

We will do our best to find an expert that can mentor your users on the topic you need. This is a service provided to all mentoring-enabled group plans at no additional charge.

How do I disable or enable mentoring for my users?

In the left-hand navigation, in Admin Tools, select Organization. You’ll see a list of all users on your business plan.

In the list of users, you’ll see a column called Mentoring, with a toggle button for each person.

To enable mentoring for one user, press the toggle button to move the button to the right and show a green background. To disable, press the toggle button to move the button to the left, and display a gray background.

You can enable or disable mentoring in bulk, as well. Simply check the box at the top of the list of users. You may see orange text that invites you to select all users on your account. Then, press Mentoring in orange text and select Turn mentoring on or Turn mentoring off.

To turn mentoring on or off in bulk for your users, check the checkbox at the top of the list of users, then click Mentoring and select Turn mentoring on, or Turn mentoring off.

How can I see what subjects my users are using mentoring for?

Great question. Click to see How can I see how much my users have used mentoring?