My video won't play. What do I do?

Troubleshooting video playback

New! Using the Video Checkup tool, you can diagnose your connection and identify reasons you may be experiencing difficulty with video playback. Click here to use the Video checkup tool.

Note: These steps are for troubleshooting video playback on desktop browsers. If you're having issues on the Pluralsight Mobile App or Offline Player, click here.

Most buffering issues on the video player can be resolved by using a supported browser without any active extensions or add-ons on your browser. Some browser extensions interfere with video playback. If you don't see any improvement, please try another browser. 

Our video player uses HTML5, not Adobe Flash. Video on Pluralsight doesn't require any add-ons or plug-ins to run. 

Advanced troubleshooting:

If the previous steps did not resolve the issue, you can perform some advanced troubleshooting by using your browser’s diagnostic tool and sending our Support team the results. To run your browser’s diagnostics tool:

  1. Open our video player in your desktop browser, then open your browser's diagnostic tools (F12 or CMD-OPTION-I on Mac)
  2. Go to the console tab, then reload or refresh the page.
  3. Take a screenshot of any errors that shown up under the console tab.
  4. Navigate to the network tab, refresh again, and take another screenshot.
    Please note, you will have to refresh the page to get the network tab to populate.
  5. Please email us at with those screenshots and information, and we can look into this further for you.