Nested teams

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A nested team in Flow is any team that has one or more child teams nested under the parent team. Use a nested team structure to reflect your company's hierarchy and to manage teams more effectively. Find an overview of how your nested teams will appear in Flow.

Nesting teams

Step 1: If you already have teams created in your account you can modify them and nest them by navigating to User Management under the Settings menu. Click Teams

Step 2: On the Teams page you can drag and drop existing teams into other teams to move them into a child state. In the example below, "Team A" was moved under "Team B". "Team A" is now a child team and "Team B" is the parent.

To learn more about creating new teams, see how to create teams.

Nested Teams & Reports

In any report you can view the parent team including or excluding users in child teams, or you can view the parent team and or child team separately.

Filter by parent team

Locate the parent team in the team drop down in any report:

You can "exclude" or "include" the users from the child team by using the nested teams filter:

  • "Excluded" will only show you users that are on the parent team (Team A)

  • "Included" will show you all users across the parent team and any child team.

Filter by child team

Select the child team from the team drop down in any report.

The nested team filter will not change your results unless you have a nested team under the selected child team.

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