What are Notes?

Notes is a tool that lets you take virtual, time-stamped notes in context while learning, mark important topics or sections you want to recall for real-world application later, and easily find and rewatch key points of videos within the course.

With Notes, you can write virtual notes tied to a specific point in the video timeline, organize them with hashtags to easily find them and jump to the video, and review them in the video player or on the Notes page.

How do I add a note to my Notes?

To add a note, you will have to launch a Pluralsight video.  While watching a course, click the "add a note" button at the bottom of the player.

This will open a text field in the right hand sidebar. When you start typing, you will see the time within the module that is associated with the note.

Press Enter to add the note.

Can I download my Notes?

Yes. You can download your Notes in two different locations, depending on whether you want to download all your Notes, or only Notes for a specific course.

Download all Notes

Go to your Notes page by clicking on the notes icon in the left pane of your dashboard or by clicking here. Click the Download notes link in the top right corner to download a csv of all of your Notes.

Download Notes for a specific course

Navigate to a video in the course, click on Notes in the right sidebar, then click Download notes.

Is there a way to search my Notes?

The Notes feature supports hashtags for searching capabilities. In order to organize your Notes, use a hashtag, e.g., #api, to organize your Notes and make them searchable.

You can also navigate to your Notes page and use the "Search notes..." field to search through your notes.

Can I edit or delete a note from my Notes?

To delete or edit a note, go to the course where the note was created. 

Click Notes in the right hand sidebar, and hover over the note you want to delete or edit. This will give you the option to delete or edit the note.