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Enable the group programming feature in your account to visualize contributions authored by multiple people. Use group programming settings to customize how group work is credited for each individual.

Choose how Flow allocates credit for Coding days, Commits per day, Impact, and HALOC metrics, including Rework, Efficiency, New work, and Legacy refactor.

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You need the Configurations permission to turn on group programming.

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Enabling group programming

To find group programming:

  1. Click Settings in the top navigation.
  2. In the left navigation, click Configurations located under Report settings.
  3. Click the Group programming tab on the Configurations page.

Note: Flow only applies group programming setting changes to new incoming data. It doesn't reprocess old data automatically. For this reason, it’s best to enable group programming before importing your repos.

If you import a repo before enabling group programming, the previously imported data won’t have the new settings applied.

To enable group programming:

  1. Navigate to the Group programming tab on the Configurations page.
  2. Toggle the Enable toggle On.

Enter the label you want Flow to apply to group programming commits from into the text box under labeling.

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Assigning work to others

Use the toggles in the Assigning work to others section to set how Flow identifies when a commit is co-authored.

Toggle on Using Co-Authored-By in the commit message so your git host can mark commits with multiple authors:

Note: If you include a comment in addition to listing the co-authors in the commit message, make sure each co-author is on a new line. For an example, learn more about creating a commit with multiple authors for GitHub (external site, opens in new tab).

Toggle on Using multiple names in the and fields so you can manually mark commits with multiple authors:

  • This toggle is useful for commits with and fields similar to:
    • Jen Smith & Robert Aspens,
    • Jen Smith & Robert Aspens

When the Using multiple names in the and fields is toggled On, the Prefixes, E-mail delimiters, and Name delimiters text boxes are active and editable.

Enter any prefixes or delimiters you want Flow to check for. Flow labels any commit containing these values in or as group work.

  1. Click the Add another button to enter additional values. 
  2. Click the X button to remove a value.

For example, a commit’s field contains Jen Smith & Robert Aspens. The commits field contains,

In this example, Flow labels the commit as group work when a text box under Email delimiters contains , or a text box under Name delimiters contains &.

Learn more about Manually marking a commit as a group commit.

Allocating credit for group work

Configure how Flow assigns credit for group work. You can split the work between contributors or give each contributor full credit.

Choose whether credit is split evenly or each contributor gets full credit for these metrics:

  • Coding days
  • Commits per day
  • Impact
  • HALOC metrics, including Rework, Efficiency, New work, and Legacy refactor.

Click Save Changes once you’re done adjusting your group programming settings.

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Viewing group programmed commits in reports

Once you’ve enabled group programming, Flow shows co-authored commits as squares in Work log.

To view group commits in Work log:

  1. Click Reports to navigate to Flow’s Reports home page.
  2. Click Work log in the left navigation under Daily check.
  3. Check the Group box in the custom filter on the left.

Click a group commit to see more details.

If Flow missed a commit or added too many authors, update the commits manually.

Learn more about manually marking a group commit.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.