Pair programming

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Enabling the group programming feature in your account, will allow you to visualize contributions authored by multiple people. Customize how group work is credited across each individual.

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Getting started

  1. In order to turn on group programming you will need the Configurations permission. If you already have this permission you can navigate to the Settings menu. Under Report Settings click Configurations.

  2. On the Configurations page, click on the Group Programming tab.

Group programming configurations

It is preferable if this feature is turned on prior to importing your repos, although not required. You will only be able to see new pair programmed commits.

  1. Enable pair programming
  2. Labeling
    This setting allows you to change how you label any co-authored commit.
  3. This label will appear in the commit details as seen below:
  4. Assigning work to others
    This configuration tells Flow how to identify when commits are co-authored.
  5. There are three options, outlined below.
    • Using "Co-Authored-by" in the commit message - Git convention
      • This convention is used by GitHub to mark commits with more than one author. It may seem intimidating at first to try to remember to add this into your GitHub. There are numerous tools on the market that you can use to help you with this, but the one that teams at Pluralsight use frequently is here: Pivotal also has a good one.
    • Using multiple names in the and fields
      • This option supports commits whose name and email are similar to:
      • Jen Smith & Robert Aspens <>,<>
      • Jen Smith & Robert Aspens <>
    • Manually marking a commit as a pair commit
  6. Finally, you will need to configure how Flow assigns credit for the group work. This setting allows you to choose to split the work between/among the contributors or give each contributor full credit. This setting is available for the following metrics:
    • Impact
    • HALOC (Hunk aware lines of code) based metrics: Churn, Efficiency, New Work, Legacy Refactor, and tt100.
  7. Once you are done making adjustments to your group programming settings, click Save Changes.

Viewing group programmed commits

To view group commits in Work log, select Group in the custom filter on the left. Once you have enabled group programming, all co-authored commits will appear as squares in the Work log.

When hovering over a group commit, this is what you will see in the details:

From here, if the application's parsing has missed a commit or added too many authors, you can update the commits manually.

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