What different types of paths are available and for which topics or technology?
All paths, both skill paths and certifications paths, for development, IT and creative can be found on the paths page .  Skill paths are focused on a learning and leveling up in a specific skill. Examples include: JavaScript, Angul...
Who creates the paths?
Each path is created and maintained by our subject matter experts.
When are new paths released?
New paths are released as soon as the majority of the courses are available.
What if I want to suggest a path or leave feedback about a path?
Each path page has a "feedback" link that allows you to provide feedback on the content in a path and request additional paths.
How are paths structured?
Skill paths are structured in three sections: beginner, intermediate and advanced to help you see where you are in your learning.  Certification paths are structured by sections that make most sense for the certification exam. ...
How are path completion percentages measured? (if I watch a course independent of the path)
Completion percentage is based on how much of a path you have watched, whether you are following the path or have already watched a course(s) separate of the path.  ...
How does the skill measurement in skill paths work?
See our dedicated skill measurement page and supplementary FAQs .
Which devices can I follow a path on?
You can watch any course from a path on any of our supported devices. You can currently find paths on our web experience, but we are adding it to our mobile options shortly.