Personalized skill analysis

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Personalized skill analysis can help you discover your strengths and address gaps in your skills.

Who can use this?

Managers:   +
Admins:   +
+ Available as a plan add-on


Personalized skill analysis gives insight into your strengths and gaps by topic, making it easier to identify areas for skill development.

Personalized skill analysis can change based on the assessment retake results. This is key to tracking improvement.

Your personalized skill analysis is only visible to you.

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Getting your personalized skill analysis

In order to populate a personalized skill analysis, complete the following:

  1. Take a skill assessment.
  2. Score in the 20th percentile or higher (a 101+ Skill IQ).

Once both of these steps are complete, your personalized skill analysis is ready for you. If you receive a Novice skill level, don't worry—you can retake the assessment immediately with the do-over. If you've already used it, wait 14 days and take the assessment again to see if you've improved.

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Finding your personalized skill analysis

Note: Personalized skill analysis isn’t available for assessments in beta or for assessments that have been retired.

To find your personalized skill analysis, visit your profile (opens in new tab) and go to the Skill IQs section. Click one of the topics that shows a skill level of Emerging or higher. This takes you to the Skill IQ details page, which includes your personalized skill analysis. Below the Skill IQ proficiency chart, see your Personalized skill analysis and Quick learning recommendations based on your skill gaps.

Explore the Quick learning recommendations to find the learning content needed to close your skill gaps. Once you've studied the recommended content, you can retake an assessment to see if you've improved.

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