Plan admin: Organize content for learners

As a plan administrator or team manager, you want make sure your learners are learning the skills they need. Choose Pluralsight content and organize it for your learners to grow in their proficiency using courses, channels, and paths.

What are Courses?

Expert-led courses on Pluralsight let your learners build the skills your organization needs, when they need them. A typical video course is made up of several modules. Many video courses on Pluralsight include a transcript of the course, learning checks, exercise files, and discussion boards.

The Pluralsight library has thousands of expert-led courses for IT, software and security professionals, and we add courses daily. Plus, some of our top technologies are now available in engaging formats like Projects and Interactive courses.

See what video courses your learners have taken by exploring courses analytics. For a bigger-picture view of what topics your team members are learning about, explore subject analytics.

What are Channels?

Channels are an excellent method for you to curate and organize content for your learners. Create a channel and add Pluralsight video courses, projects, and interactive courses to create a curated journey for your learners. 

You can also add external resources to the channel. External links are an excellent way to pull in team reference guides, best practices, or assets stored on your organization’s website or cloud storage.

Set an objective for your channel such as Onboarding, Switching technology, and Skilling up. You can check your learners’ progress toward reaching your objectives with channel analytics.

What are Paths?

Pluralsight’s experts organize courses into learning paths, designed to increase your learner’s proficiency in a subject. There are skill paths that lead to taking a Skill IQ assessment, and certification paths, that are associated with a Kaplan IT Training practice exam for an industry certification.

Tip: Learners on Enterprise and Professional business plans get access to unlimited practice certification exams.

You can add paths to a channel, as well as simply copy the path URL and send it to your learners. Learn more about paths here.

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