What can a team manager see in analytics, compared to a plan admin?

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A team manager can see their team’s data

Plan administrators see analytics data on all learners and teams on the group plan. Also, plan admins can filter learners by teams, using the drop-down menu in the top right of any analytics except Channels and Roles.

Team managers only see analytics data on the learners in the teams they manage.

Note: In channels analytics, team managers can see their team learners’ progress in any channel visible to your team or company. This is true even if a different learner, who isn’t on the team, created the channel. 

A team manager may be both a team manager and a plan administrator. In this case, they can see all learner data in analytics. Click here to discover how to set and change plan admins and team managers for your group plan.

Team managers can have team managers, too

Teams can stack. If you are a team manager, someone else can be your team manager, and that person can view your learning progress. However, your team manager cannot see the learner data from your team.

Team managers can see some data from before a learner joins their team

A team manager can see learner data from before the learner was added to the team in Users, Courses, Subjects, Skills, and Channels analytics. 

Tip: When you add a learner to your team, their data in usage analytics shows up instantly. This is because usage analytics is updated in real time. For more information, please see our article How current is analytics data?

When a learner leaves a team, the team manager won’t see their data in analytics.

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