Playground sandboxes: getting started

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You can now play in the Cloud playground to your heart’s desire. The best part? It’s included in your Personal Plus or ACG for Business membership.

Accessing the playground

  1. Click Cloud playground from the top of your dashboard.

    Three options are available and work together within the playground: cloud sandboxes, instant terminal, and cloud servers.

  2. Click Start (cloud platform) beneath your preferred sandbox to present your login information. You'll need to copy and paste this login information into the Cloud provider login after opening the Sandbox in the next step.
  3. Right-click Open cloud sandbox and choose Open link in incognito window/open link in new private window to start your Cloud journey. Opening in incognito ensures that any cookies or 3rd party extensions do not interfere with your Cloud sandbox. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Now that you have your preferred platform environment created, you can start practicing the skills you're learning. Continue working through other articles on the playground components or feel free to just play around for a little while.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.