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Pluralsight-owned domains use essential cookies that are required for actions such as securely logging in or making a purchase. These cookies are stored in your browser and fall under our Terms of use (opens in new tab).

We also use cookies for functionality, analytics, and advertising. Depending on your region, you can accept or reject these cookies the first time you visit each Pluralsight domain. For more details, see our Privacy notice (opens in new tab).

Looking for information on how personal data on your Pluralsight account is protected? See our Pluralsight and data protection article.

Common questions

After rejecting cookies, I’m experiencing issues with login, checkout, or playing embedded videos. What should I do?

Essential cookies must be enabled on your browser in order to perform tasks such as securely logging in, completing a purchase, or playing embedded videos on Pluralsight domains. However, if you rejected some or all non-essential cookies on a Pluralsight domain and are unable to perform one of these essential functions, try these steps:

  1. Open the page in a private browser window.
  2. Try the action again.

If this resolves the issue, there is likely a problem with the cookies you’ve rejected. Please reach out to Pluralsight Support (opens email form) if you continue to experience issues.

Can I have different cookie settings on each Pluralsight domain?

Yes—for example, you can reject cookies on while accepting cookies on

How can I update or modify my cookie settings on a Pluralsight domain?

To change your cookie settings on a Pluralsight website, you must clear that site’s cookies and set your preferences again. See instructions for clearing cookies in Chrome (external site, opens in new tab), Firefox (external site, opens in new tab), or Safari (external site, opens in new tab).

After clearing cookies, you’ll see the option to set your preferences the next time you load the website on that browser, depending on your region.

Important: Clearing all cookies will log you out of other websites you’ve visited using that browser.

What happens to my cookie preferences if I change locations or use a VPN?

Preferences you’ve already set will not change if you change locations, including with a VPN. However, if you haven’t set your preferences, you’ll have the opportunity to do so depending on your new location’s data privacy regulations.

My browser is synced across my devices. Does that mean my cookie preferences are too?

No—cookie preferences are specific to one browser on one device. This means that cookie preferences are not shared between different browsers on the same device, or on different devices with the same browser. Even if some of your browser information—such as bookmarks and login credentials—are synced across your devices, cookies are not.

How long do my cookie preferences last?

Unless your browser settings dictate otherwise, your cookie preferences last indefinitely.

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If you need help, please contact Pluralsight Support.